Develop your intuition

Live Course

Intuition Development 101

Do you want to learn how to use your intuition? Trust your gut instinct on a daily basis? Have you been told you are too sensitive?

Learn to set up energetic boundaries, call on your spirit guides, and process the information you receive from your surrounding, create boundaries with understanding and awareness in this 4 week course!

Live Course

Intuition Development 201

Would you like to learn how to go deeper with your Intuition, trust more, and receive more evidence so you can have deeper faith in your knowing?

We will build on what you learned in Intuition 101 and start to develop in other areas of Intuition development. You will learn new terminology, new ways to access you new way to develop your senses, so you can become more comfortable with your new found superpower!

on demand course


Hypnosis can get behind the subconscious reasons we hold ourselves back from really trusting our intuition fully.

In hypnosis, your subconscious mind is very willing to respond to questions and help you resolve habits and issues. Explore the power of hypnosis over 7 sessions and make changes that last.