Mediumship is the ability to connect with our loved ones in Spirit. It is the ability to raise my energy level in order to communicate with those who have crossed over into Spirit. We do this through Meditation and much practice. I have been so fortunate to have many wonderful teachers, on building on the knowledge I acquired from the teacher before. I have been trained as an Evidential Medium, which means that I must prove who has come to speak before any messages can be given. Proof of life after death is truly the purpose of any Medium. We work for Spirit first, which means our duty is to speak for Spirit in a way that is ethical, and full of love and integrity. 

Being a Medium, you might be surprised to learn that I am deeply based in science. I am of the generation that you need to prove that something is NOT a scam before I will partake in even thinking about it. In Marketing, I would be referred to as the Late Majority. I need for the trend or theory to be proven, others to go before me and test it, and then I will try it.

So when all of this started to happen to me, I really fought it. As a child it terrified me because Spirit didn't come in all white light and caring fairies. They came in strong and it was scary for a 9 year old to discover that she was very different from other people. This all was happening in a time where uniqueness was bullied and those who were different were driven into the proverbial closet. So I put my gift on the shelf. 

When my gift started to come in strong again around 2012, I turned to science. Yes Science. Proven theories. The basic principal here is energy. Energy cannot be created or destroyed (it is called the Law of Conservation of Energy in Physics). The law further states that "it transforms from one form to another". So then the question then remains, is the human soul energy? 

From seeing auras and getting my eyes and brain checked, I knew that I was "normal" by medical diagnosis, and I knew what I was seeing was real. Aura is is the energy field around a being. That has also been proven by science, and there are cameras that can capture the image. When a being is no longer alive, that energy field ceases to exist. But since energy cannot be created or destroyed, that energy must be Spirit. And that energy must shift into another space. That part of the equation is still being proven because energy has a measurable mass. Science has been trying to measure that mass, but it has run into ethical issues with how to do that and other stumbling blocks. 

But really you only have to speak with someone who has sat with someone who has died. I asked a very good friend of mine who is an emergency room nurse. She has sat with many people who were alone and took their last breath. She herself admitted that there is an energy, or a presence that is there and suddenly it isn't. My aunt said she could tell that my uncle had passed even before she opened her eyes. She fell asleep holding his hand in the hospital. And when she awoke, my uncle had crossed over. But she could tell the energy wasn't there. To take it a step further, she can feel that energy when it is around her even now. Is she grieving, or does she simply know the energy so well that she can tell when it is around her, when her husband comes to visit? 

One thing I can tell you with 100% certainty is that Spirit's love for us tethers them to us. This love transcends time and space. Love is the strongest most powerful emotion in the world. And really it is the essence of who we are. So how is Science going to prove what I already know? I wait to see! I can tell you that I have read for many people, and the theme of love and healing are all the same. Spirit guides us, supports us, and loves us. They let us know in subtle ways. If you are looking for it or are sensitive to it, you will see and feel it. We are all born with the ability to feel our loved ones in Spirit, but not all of us were meant to read for others. 

Mediumship Readings Available


1 hour

In a Mediumship reading, I connect with the spirits of your loved ones to give messages of healing and connection. I am an Evidential Medium, which means I give proof of life after your loved ones have passed over. I ask that you do not share any information with me, but to simply answer “Yes I understand that” or “No I do not understand that”. I like to let Spirit do the talking! I work for Spirit first, and I firmly believe that your loved ones in Spirit bring you to me if you are in need of validation, healing, or just a message of love from your them. All messages are from love and light and all readings are confidential. I do encourage all my clients to record their readings on their phones so they can refer back to it later, as much information can be discussed during the reading.

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