intuition 201

4 week online class

Do you want more?

Would you like to learn how to go deeper with your Intuition, trust more, and receive more evidence so you can have deeper faith in your knowing?

We will build on what you learned in Intuition 101 and start to develop in other areas of Intuition development. You will learn new terminology, new ways to access you new way to develop your senses, so you can become more comfortable with your new found superpower!

*Prerequisite is Intuition 101 or Level 1 in-person. 


This is a class to help participants strengthen their intuitive muscle in a deeper way.

We are all born with intuition.  It is your birth right! Now that you have learned the basics, let's really have some fun!

These tools will help you to more easily navigate life's ups and downs, and provide you some new ways to get information for yourself.

Come join a group of like-minded, positive individuals in developing your intuition, in a safe, encouraging, non-environment!

I promise you will learn a lot more about yourself, what you are capable of, and your own inherent super powers!


My absolute passion is helping people exactly like you learn to use their intuition on the daily!  

In this 4 week course, you will learn to connect to your intuition more intentionally, on a regular basis. You will learn more about your spirit team on the other side waiting to assist and guide you.  And you will learn to trust what you get so you can live a more balanced and joy-filled life.

Here are the details of the program:

Starting November 18th 2021, and running for 4 Thursdays - November 25th, December 2nd, and 9th.

You will have the option of 2 time slots based on your availability, as I do realize many are still working during the day:

Afternoon sessions: 11:00am - 1:00pm
Evening sessions: 6:30pm - 8:30pm

This 4 week online course will help you and practice to stay connected to your intuition

Intuition is a muscle - the more you flex it, the stronger it gets. The problem is many people don’t trust it. How do you cultivate trust in your own knowing? Practice and seeing irrefutable evidence that you are supported more than you realize. You have already had the experience of what it feels like to work with your Intuition for 4 weeks, and another 4 weeks will just solidify your knowing.

We live in a world of energy. And believe it or not, you are an energetic being living this human existence. You receive information on an energetic level first, but you may not be aware of it. Many sensitives and empathic people may feel overwhelmed by this. The key is we have control over what we experience!

What you will learn:
Week 1: How to see Aura
Week 2: Animal Spirit Guides
Week 3: Psychometry                                                
Week 4: Divination* (must have an Angel or Oracle card deck of your own for this class)

Who is this for:
HSPs (Highly Sensitive People)
People who cry all the time and have no idea why
People who feel overwhelmed in groups, at the grocery store, outside of your home
Everyone who knows you are a spiritual being experiencing this life
Literally you if you are reading this rightist now

Online via Zoom in a safe container where the energy is intentioned for growth, healing, community support, and non-judgment.

There will be a private Facebook group for each group (afternoon and evening) to support your growth and it will contain all replays of the calls and information for your learning. 

It is important to me to create a safe community for learning and growth, and I will ensure you will have a safe and positive space to be yourself and grow your understanding of intuition and your own divine abilities.


I started out on my journey to understand my gifts 10 years ago. 

I looked for people who could help me understand what I was feeling. I wish I had an opportunity to take a course like this when I started out, so I created exactly what I wish I had for you!

I designed this course to help people exactly like you understand your gut instincts to become more mindful of what you are receiving.

I help many people who feel anxiety, who are told they are too sensitive, and may be overwhelmed by their experiences, so they can process it, make sense of it, and learn to incorporate it into their understanding of what is happening.

Who would you be if you could feel empowered by your sensitivity and not burdened by it?

This class will be the next step to understanding your self on a soul level, on an energetic level, on a level beyond the 5 senses of your physical body.

I designed this course to be based on science, my own experiences, and years of experience helping people exactly like you - spiritual people navigation this human existence. I only teach what I know to be true through my  own experiences and those of my clients and students.

This course is non-denominational - it is based on universal laws. I teach through experience and each week you will have homework. I want you to experience the amazing support that the Universe is always providing. My wish for you is to incorporate these energetic self-care practices and understandings into your daily life, so that you can pull on this tool kit whenever you need them.

You are supported more than you realize. Life is happening for you, not to you. I invite you to join this course and experience this for yourself!

If you are being pulled to join, I hope you can trust yourself to follow your intuition and sign up. If you have found me here, then it is by Divine design, and I am so honored to be your guide at this point of your journey.


"Sheetal is an excellent instructor and take any class she offers if you can! "  -Pam W.

"I feel like I have developed tools that I can easily implement day to day, that bring me a sense of peace and messages from the Divine. "  -Shaina S.

"I have more confidence in my abilities and in myself. "  -Carmyn K.

"This course has helped me learn to trust my intuition and stop doubting so much. "  -Sarah F.

"I learned how to meditate and find my intuition/trust myself more. Mostly that I'm an Empath and figuring out what that means. "  -Claire H.

"I feel more joyful and trusting the Universe. Trusting my gut feelings.  "  -Kim Q.

"It has cut down on the noise. It has also affirmed my belief and faith in intuitive development."  -Mena M.

"Anytime I learn, my quality of life improves."   -Kailee S.

"I learned to trust my intuition more and to recognize it."   -Norma C.

"You are wonderful and it is always a pleasure learning from you! Keep being you!"   -Becky M.