Q:Are you disturbing Spirits when you go see a Medium?

A: No. They are actually at peace and they actually guide to seek out a Medium when they want to speak with you.

Q:The person I wanted to hear from didn’t come through. Why?

A: The spirit that does come through to speak with you is meant to at that time for a reason, that may not be known to you. You need to hear from them the most at that time, whether you understand it or not. Mediums do not get to dial-a-spirit. Spirit chooses the Medium and speaks through the Medium much like a you would use a telephone to phone a friend.

Q: How does Spirit communicate with you as a Medium?

A: They use the Medium’s experiences like a rolodex. They access those thoughts, feelings, experiences, and emotions to communicate with them. As a Medium the Spirit will use my senses to communicate with me, kind of like a game of charades.

Q: What is the difference between a Medium and a Psychic?

A: A Psychic taps into your auric field to read your past and you future trajectory. A Medium connects into Spirit and communicates to get information that proves that life continues after death.

Q: Why would I need a Mediumship reading vs a Psychic reading?

A: Psychic or any tools of Psychics (ie. Ruines, Tarot, Scrying – these are all tools uses to focus psychic energy) are used to help determine your future trajectory and also the possibilities that lie waiting for you. A Psychic is an impartial, non-judgmental sounding-board for what may be coming your way. Ultimately you have free will to determine what your right course of action is, and when you want to take on potential opportunities. Opportunity waits for you, when you are ready. I like to also reveal cycles that may be in play in your family line, and ultimately showing up in your life. I feel like when the same situation continues to present itself in your life, it shows an opportunity for a lesson that may not yet be learned. It offers you an opportunity to try something different every time it presents itself. A Medium connects with the spirit of your loved ones to give you messages of love and that life continues after death. I find the clients that seek me out for a connection with the loved one in spirit often either miss them or need some resolution with a situation that was not taken care of before they crossed into spirit. Ultimately, you don’t need a reading. You can use your intuition to decide what the best course of action is for yourself. You can feel your loved ones in spirit. But sometimes we block ourselves with grief and/or fear. That is when a professional can come in handy.

Q: What makes a good Medium?

A: A good Medium will not ask you a whole bunch of questions about your loved ones in spirit. They will tell you who has come to see you. They will describe to you who they were in this lifetime, and only when they qualify who the spirit is that has come to speak with you, will they convey the message. Mediums all have different styles and strengths.

Q: Can I ask questions in a Mediumship reading?

A: Each reading is different, and I personally let the spirit speak. If they don’t want to talk about how they died, they won’t. Sometimes spirit will open up in a reading, and sometimes they don’t. It is best to go with the flow of the reading and listen to what is being brought forth.

Q: After the death of a loved one, I felt their presence around me and/or they have come to me in dreams. Is that real?

A: YES!! They have to work really hard to come and show themselves. They may send you signs and symbols. You may dream of them. You may feel them around you when your mind is most at ease – in the shower or right before bed or in the morning when you wake up. They are trying to let you know they are at peace, and they are guiding, loving, and protecting you from the other side. Believe it is what it is, and say “Thank-you!” with a smile knowing how much you are loved.

Q: Isn’t it scary and dangerous to communicate with the dead?

A: For professional mediums who know what they are doing, no, not at all.  The main thing to remember is that it’s not like what you see in the movies. Also remember that like attracts like.  Because professional mediums set the intention that our services are for the highest and best good of our clients.

Q: Can anyone be a Medium?

A: We all have intuitive abilities to some degree, but I believe that those who are meant to read for others are called to do so on a deeper level to help others. This is not to be confused with intuition which is the birthright of everyone on the planet. There is a saying in mediumship “many are called, but few are chosen.”

Q: If I go see a Medium can I talk to famous celebrities who have died?

A: We are tethered to our loved ones by a bond of love that last the test of time and space. If you weren’t related to the person in life, chances are you aren’t going to be able to communicate with them in spirit.

Q: Does spirit bother you all day?

A: No. I have very strict boundaries with spirit. I can go out in public and travel without any problems at all. You bring your loved ones in when you come to see me for a reading, and you take them home with you. I have a very big rule with working with spirit. They have to bring their loved ones to me and have them ask me about my mediumship or bring up their deceased loved ones in a conversation for me to read for them. It is implied permission if they get their loved one to do this. Otherwise, I need permission from the client to read them.

Always from Spirit, through Spirit, to Spirit, for the highest good for all concerned.