I was born with the gifts of seeing Aura and Spirit. From a young age I have felt that my life’s purpose was to help people. As I decided to accept and expand on my gifts, my abilities have grown to more than I could have ever imaged them to be. Spirit has opened the door to amazing teachers and opportunities every step of the way. I learned that I could control when I allowed the spirits of loved ones to communicate with me, which has enabled me to live a full life surrounded by wonderful people and filled with great experiences. I am now a Certified Medium, a Tarot Reader, a Certified Meditation Teacher, and I teach psychic and intuition development classes. 

I utilize Spirit’s guidance in all aspects of my life and I love to share my knowledge with others. I chose Tarot Cards and Astrology as a tool to organize my psychic gift into specific areas of life that my clients need guidance and support with, and to allow Spirit to speak their knowledge as well. I am so honoured to help those who choose me, as I know that it is divinely guided to be so. I work for Spirit first, and I know that they are always supporting us and guiding us to be our best selves. If our paths should cross, please know your journey moves me and I am honoured to help you.

Claim the life you were born to live!