7 week online class

Are you struggling to tap into your Intuition on the daily?

Having a hard time trusting yourself?

You know you get the nudges, and when you trust them it always works out - but yet you still don't trust them?

You want to change your life for the better and release negative thought patterns that keep you stuck, but you don't know how? 

Hypnosis can get behind the subconscious reasons we hold ourselves back from really trusting our knowing fully!

If you have taken Intuition 101 and 201 and want more - this class is for you! Or maybe you have been thinking about taking more development classes around trusting yourself more - I cover that in depth with the hypnosis themes and scripts I have chosen. 


The subconscious brain is where a lot of automated beliefs and values that were created before the age of 7 reside. I designed this class to help you bypass your egoic conscious mind and go right to your higher self. By accessing this centre in a hypnotic state, we can help to rewrite these limiting beliefs with more positive ones that set you up for success.  

We will use hypnosis to dive deep into our subconscious - hypnosis is a human condition involving focused attention, reduced peripheral awareness, and an enhanced capacity to respond to suggestion. It is a beautiful way to help develop your intuition, release limiting beliefs, and plant the seeds for development and success! 


Here are the details of the program:

Class starts on March 15, 2021, and is scheduled from 12-1pm (MST).

Here are the dates of this class:
March 15th
March 22nd
March 29th
April 5th
April 12th
April 19th
April 26th

What you will learn:
In each 1-hour session there will be: 5-minute introduction, 30-minutes for the hypnosis, 15-minutes for debrief in partners or class (depending on size of the group), and 10-minutes for questions.

Week 1: Be More Right Brained - Intuition Lives In You Imagination
Week 2: Quiet the Mind
Week 3: The Wise Advisor
Week 4: Message From Your Higher Self
Week 5: Totem Animal Guide
Week 6: Develop Powerful Intuition
Week 7: Ride Under the Ocean

Virtual class over Zoom. Due to the nature of this program, the Zoom room will be locked after the 5-minute mark. It is important to be present without distractions for the entire hypnosis to really reap the rewards that was intended when I designed this course.

Each class will come with a replay link that will be sent out within 24 hours of the class, and the link will be active for 3-months.

Registration: $297 for all 7-weeks. Doors close March 12.

Sheetal Story

Sheetal is a trained and certified Therapeutic Hypnotherapist, and loves to use hypnosis to help get her clients deeper healing and faster results.

"When we occupy and bypass the egoic/conscious mind we can then access the spiritual intuitive sides of ourselves. In hypnosis, your subconscious mind is usually very willing to respond to questions and help you resolve habits and issues. The use of hypnosis gives you the opportunity to make changes that last."


  • Hypnosis is an acceptable form of medical treatment.
  • People remain fully awake during hypnosis.
  • The average person experiences hypnosis or a hypnotic state at least twice a day.
  • Hypnosis has been officially around since the 18th century.
  • Some of the earliest recorded description of hypnosis date back to ancient Egypt in 1500 BC.
  •  Hypnosis can be used as anesthesia.
  •  Not everyone is a candidate for stage hypnosis.
  • A hypnotized person remains in complete control.
  • Hypnosis can help overcome a whole bevy of maladies.
  • Your brain works differently while in a hypnotized state.
  • It is impossible to get stuck in a hypnotized trance.
  •  Hypnosis feels different to different people.
  • You can hypnotize yourself!

"Sheetal is an excellent instructor and take any class she offers if you can!"  -Pam W.

"I feel like I have developed tools that I can easily implement day to day, that bring me a sense of peace and messages from the Divine."  -Shaina S.

"I have more confidence in my abilities and in myself. "  -Carmyn K.

"This course has helped me learn to trust my intuition and stop doubting so much."  -Sarah F.

"I learned how to meditate and find my intuition/trust myself more. Mostly that I'm an Empath and figuring out what that means."    -Claire H.

"I feel more joyful and trusting the Universe. Trusting my gut feelings.   -Kim Q.

"It has cut down on the noise. It has also affirmed my belief and faith in intuitive development."   -Mena M.

"Anytime I learn, my quality of life improves."   -Kailee S.

"I learned to trust my intuition more and to recognize it."   -Norma C.

"You are wonderful and it is always a pleasure learning from you! Keep being you!"   -Becky M.