Helping the spiritually curious woman cultivate a deeper connection with the Universe and her own powerful spirit, so she can align with her intuition and live with joy and alignment every day.

Helping the spiritually curious woman cultivate a deeper connection with the Universe and her own powerful spirit, so she can align with her intuition and live with joy and alignment every day.

Have you been curious about crystals, oracle decks, grids, pendulums and all the “woo woo” stuff you have heard about?

Are you unsure where to start on your spiritual journey?

Have you been delving deeper into meditation and your own spiritual journey and want more tools to support your growth?

Then the Woo Woo Box is made for you!

Hi! My name is Sheetal Story, and I am a Psychic Medium, Astrologer, and a Law of Attraction Master Coach.

I help women strengthen their intuition, so that they can follow their inner knowing to uncover what is their soul’s passion and purpose in this life time.

Along my journey I have learned about many tools and tips on how to stay aligned to my inner knowing. I have met so many profound people who have found their talents and gifts and I have this amazing community surrounding me of these gifts soul-prenuers that are sharing their talents with the world.

I wanted to create a subscription box that showcased all these wonderful talented people and also helped spiritually curious women just like you to create practices that honoured your spiritual growth and alignment with the energy of the universe.

This box was curated to send love and healing out to the world. By helping you stay in alignment with your own beautiful spirit, you then give permission to others to be true to themselves. And we start to magnetize the world with love and spiritual harmony - by simply doing it for ourselves first. We literally change the world by first allowing our own unique spirit to shine bright.

I hand-pick each item that goes into the Woo Woo Box myself. I test them out on my first. Each vendor must make their products with love and infuse their products with healing energy and love. It was important to me that when you get this box, you feel the energy of the products and the quality of the materials. Each product carries a resonance and an intention that it helps you elevate your knowing and energy for the highest good for all concerned.

If you have found me here, then I am so so extremely honoured to be on this journey with you. Know that you are here because it is your time now - time to step into your spiritual journey with confidence. I am honoured to be your guide on this part of your journey and I know we are going to change the world together!

So Much Love and Light,



Every quarter you will get a box specifically curated with a theme that will help you create a spiritual practice to help you come into greater flow and abundance in your life. Each box will contain a crystal, custom essential oil blend, a mediation, and up to 5 more items. All the items will be infused with healing and abundant energy. The value of the box items retail is well over $350, but you will be able to get the products for much less with the purchase of The Woo Woo Box!

You can purchase one box for $175 and see what it is about or your can benefit from a better price if you commit to all three boxes.



Dip Your Toe Option


single box

 $175.00 one time




2 boxes, quarterly 

$150 every 3-months 




2 boxes, 1 payment

$295.00 one time

Boxes are shipping on July 5th and will take 5-10 days to arrive to you. Once the boxes ship, you will get a tracking number to ensure you box arrives to you.

The next quarterly boxes will be shipped on the following dates:
July 5th 2021

October 4th 2021

“Woo Woo” is defined as unconventional beliefs regarded as having little or no scientific basis, especially those relating to spirituality, mysticism, or alternative medicine. Society likes to define anything that feels too spiritual as “woo woo”. And truthfully I was really scared to be called “woo woo” when I came out to the psychic closet. Until I realized that if I claim “woo woo” for myself, I can redefine it as something much better than the Wikipedia meaning. Words have been used for centuries to keep people small, degrade and demoralize them and I will not have it any more.

When you look back on history you will notice that every scientific theory was once considered “woo woo” before it was proven to be true. The earth being round, gravity, aura - all started out as crazy notions until science showed time and time again that they were facts. Creativity and ingenuity is the mother of invention - someone has to think up new ways of being and then test them out to ensure they worked time and time again.

Where this trips me up a bit is with religion. Religion was created by humans, stated as facts, and believed to be true. No science, no methods to prove them to be true, and yet believed at times even beyond science. So I came to understand that all things “woo” are relative. And it is all about your experience that can prove that the “woo” is true.

So you have to experience for yourself if the woo is true. And when you do experience it, then there is no about of dogma or other people’s opinions that can shake your knowing.

So What is in the Box?

I have hand-picked vendors to be in every box. I have even tried all the products myself! Each product had to fit with the theme, have great energy, and come from someone who genuinely cared about the person using their product! 


Summer Rejoice

Stay tuned as we finalize the amazing local vendors and products

in the box! 

April's Woo Woo Box theme

spring Revitalize 



It is a time to manifest and come back into creating the life of our dreams. This box will help to create abundance and set intentions for the Summer we want to have. The energy of Spring is about growth and abundance and this box helps the Spiritually Curious woman learn how to manifest and create powerful intentions for all that she desires.

Seed of Life Crystal Grid

Your Manifestation Board has been made from Birch wood. Birch symbolizes new beginnings and renewal - probably due to the fact that it is the first tree to grow back after a forest has burned, and the fact that is sheds and regrows its bark - releasing the old to make way for the new New Beginnings - Birth & Rebirth - Healing - Cleansing the past - New Journeys - New Ideas - Opportunity.

Renew Custom Essential Oil Blend

A blend of Orange, Northern Lights Black Spruce, Geranium and Vetiver essential oils, with Coconut Oil as a carrier. Orange oil brings happiness to mind and body, and joy to the heart. It energizes and uplifts, alleviating stress and anxiety.

  • Northern Lights Black Spruce is grounding, and helps release emotional blocks. It opens the pineal gland, strengthening our connection to intuition.
  • Geranium supports emotional balance, and encourages openness to new ideas.
  • Vetiver diminishes feelings of anxiety and stress with it’s grounding, calming properties. It also brings peace and grounding to sexual energies.

Each roller is personally infused with the love and healing energy of Reiki. 

Renewal Crystal Kit

The Woo Woo Box Exclusive Renewal Kit includes:

  • Amazonite- Amazonite is known as the stone of truth and courage because it invites you to step into your natural talents. Use this crystal to focus your time and energy to nurturing projects close to your heart. It's an ideal talisman when starting a new venture.
  • Citrine- Citrine is an optimistic and energizing crystal. A tip from Citrine: have a spring clean, tidy your home, declutter your cupboards and put on some fresh sheets. Do this to send a signal to the universe that there is space for something new to come into your life.
  • Ocean Jasper- Ocean Jasper utilizes water energy. The energy of peace, calmness and purification. Has been known to stimulate circulation and energy flow. Opening those communication channels and increasing self-confidence.
  • Sunstone- Sunstone is energizing and can super charge your vibes. Known to activate your solar plexus and sacral chakra making you feel more confident and social. Sunstone invites abundance into your life, which can come in many forms and unexpected ways.
  • Tree Agate- Tree Agate brings with it a strong connection to nature. It has a peaceful and soothing energy and has been known to help achieve balance and stability. Use tree agate to deepen your meditation and bring spiritual strength.

Sacral Crystal Intention Candle

The passionate Crystal Intention Candles feature a spicy exotic blend of Ylang Ylang and Sandalwood which activates and balances your creativity, passion and joy rooted in your sacral chakra.

100% non-toxic, these soy wax and essential oil candles feature an earth, mind and body friendly way of enjoying the glow and ritual of candles.

Rise of The Phoenix Bath Crystal's

The Phoenix is the ultimate symbol of strength and renewal, rebirthing from the ashes of its own existence only to come back bigger and stronger every time. This is a legendary mix of truth seeking, calming and uplifting essential oils. As well as Epsom salt, Pink Himalayan salt, Organic Fractionated Coconut oil, Dried rose buds, Aluminum free baking soda and SO much Love.

Made in single batches & energetically cleansed.

**CAUTION this product may leave you feeling empowered and uplifted!**

Selenite Wand

Selenite represents spiritual purity, light & connection to the angelic realms. It is known to be one of the most sacred of crystals throughout history. The very name “Selenite” is derived from the Greek Goddess Selene – The Goddess of the Moon.

Selenite has a very fine vibration that brings clarity of mind, opening the Crown Chakra. Selenite is a calming stone that instills deep peace within. Selenite is also a great tool for charging, cleansing & clearing other Gemstones. 

Intention Bracelet

Tie this bracelet on with a basic triple-knot (you can trim the extra string, or wrap it for extra longevity) and wear it until it naturally falls off. When it does, the intention you made has been reached and released back to the universe!

Moon Oracle Deck

Every quote on these cards is original and never copied from any other source, you can guarantee you are receiving a product that is thoughtful, guided, and projected to do the best reading for you possible!

Journal & Pen


The Boho Bright A5 Spiral Notebook is perfectly practical for everyday use. Various covers: the one in the picture is one of 3 that will be randomly packed into the boxes. The one you get will have special meaning for you. Consider it a message from the Universe!

Each Woo Woo Box will come with a roadmap on how to use the products in the box, where they came from, and where you can buy more if you would like directly with the supplier.

Curious to see what was in our previous box? Click here.

My hope for you is...

You'll use the contents of the box to create your own experience and rituals that help you uncover what is true for you - with safety and love at the core of all that we do.

This is a safe space to explore your spirit and I hope you have so much fun understanding how
radiant and limitless you truly are.

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