Optimizing Your Schedule

Using the Moon


Does this sound familiar?

  • Have you ever wondered how you can you make your life easier?
  • Have you ever felt that there isn’t enough time in the day or energy in your body to do all the things you need to do? 
  • You're not sure how to structure your months to call back hours, energy, and space to create more fun in your life (it's possible, believe me.)

You have natural cycles that are always at play in your life, and if you know what these are you can create so much more space and energy in your schedule when you need it the most!

Using the cycles of the Moon and how it relates to the Menstrual Cycle, I will show you have to organize your schedules and life so that you are flowing with these cycles and not against them (if you are not a menstruating woman, no worries at all! The concepts still apply!).

What You Get

moon calendar for 2022

A 2022 calendar that will show you the moon cycles for the rest of the year.

blank monthly calendar

 A calendar for the rest of 2022 to help you plan your cycles into your own life. 


This in-depth handout to help guide you through the workshop so you can take notes effectively,

2-hour video

A replay of the 2 hour workshop I did in the spring of this year. 

Symptoms of trying to flow against your cycles:

  • Frustration
  • Burn-out
  • Constantly feeling tired
  • Forgetfulness
  • Feeling scattered and stressed
  • Overwhelm
  • Feeling like you're constantly behind

In this course, I'll show you how to organize your schedule so that you're planning for rest on the weeks that you don't have a lot of energy and you're presenting on the days that you are radiant and magnetic! 

You'll feel more organized, energized, and inspired using this method.

You run on a 29 day cycle that is made up of 4 seasons*


In Spring, ideas percolate. You are emerging from the cocoon. Your energy is coming back and ramping up.


In Summer, you are in full bloom! You are now executing on ideas, connecting with others, and being seen as radiant and articulate. You are on! Productive, amped up, and motivated.


In Fall, the ideas of what you showed to the world are now taking root. They are moving into a cycle of maintenance. Your energy is starting to decline. It is a time of taking stock of what was and to learn from the lesson.


In Winter, you are meant to sleep, take care of your body and nourish it well. The focus is on being quiet and allowing your creativity to shine. To have ideas present themselves to you and to be inspired for the Spring that will soon come.

You can use these cycles plus the different moon phases to structure your life. Imagine a world where women are organizing their work week based on their natural cycles and showing up in the best of ways, and still having the space to rest too! We can make this world a reality now! Let’s go!

*Your cycle may vary slightly

As women, we have so many unique gifts and talents to help others and elevate this planet. And yet we are always so busy doing for everyone else, that we can be left feeling drained and wobbly. Ancient Wisdom of using the cycles of nature has always been available to us, but somehow has been lost to the sands of time.

Do you know the Farmer’s Almanac follows the cycles of the Moon for planting different vegetation and different harvest times? This is not ‘woo woo’ stuff – this is tried and true wisdom passed down from generation to generation and now this knowledge can be available to you too.

When we plan our lives according to our natural rhythms, we can more easily flow with the energy and rest when we really need it the most. The moon goes through 8 different phases. We can use these phases for our highest and best to create more in our lives.

Join me in this mind blowing 2hr workshop to learn how to schedule life in a way that lights you up and also replenishes you when you need it most! Let me show you how to never burn out again.

Sheetal Story