Meditation was something I first explored when I figured out I was seeing Spirit. All the signs I received from Spirit, all the advice I got led me to seek out a Meditation practice. This practice seemed impossible at first! In this busy world of multi-tasking, thinking ahead, constantly doing to get ahead, how could I possibly learn to quiet my mind? I sought out a beginner’s class, and boy was I surprised! It was really fun, and I excelled quickly at quieting my mind. This is one of the most important skills to learn that truly can help with every situation in your life! It helps you to become the observer of your thoughts, untangle your stress, and think clearly in the face of adversity.

 I went on from that beginner's class to become a Certified Meditation Teacher with 200hrs of instruction and course work. I lead Corporate Meditation Workshops for better performance and higher employee happiness and retention. I also lead drop-in meditation classes throughout the year. 

Whether it is for self improvement, better health, or connecting to your higher self, meditation is truly the best medicine you could give yourself to help with your overall well-being.

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