Living Your Life According to Your

Human Design

  • Do you notice how your digestion shifts with the different foods you eat and when you eat?
  • Do you thrive in quiet environments? Or maybe you like being in busy environments surrounded by people who light you up?
  • Have you been told you don’t eat right?
  • Do you feel shame for how often you get distracted? Or perhaps you take in information in a way that is very different than the way you were taught?

Listen - you are not weird or crazy.

You are a unique human being that is trying to navigate your own knowing against how the world tells you things should be. We call this conditioning.

Human Design is the de-conditioning.

Human Design gives us what our unique blueprint is and how we are innately wired to interact with the world. It is based on your accurate birth time, so it literally is unique to you. Your Human Design is how you were born to live life! But what happens as we grow up is we are conditioned to live life according to our parent’s, grandparent’s, teacher’s (list all the influencers in your early life) design, and we try to fit into a world that does not truly reflect who we are.

Why I love Human Design is it brings us home to ourselves.


Living Your Life According to Your Human Design

I created a 10 week program that is going to help you design and live life according to your unique blueprint and understanding yourself at the most fundamental energetic level - mind, body, and spirit.

Each week we will learn about a different part of Human Design, how it relates to your unique chart, and what you can do to integrate it and live it in your life. There will be discussions and shared experiences of what we encountered and how we felt as we came back to ourselves.

If you know me you will know I love information and certifications, but to know and not do is still not to know. We need to integrate and use this information to improve your quality of life, understand the way and the people around you operate at the most fundamental level, and become a better worker, parent, partner, and person!

This program is for those who want to practically apply their Human Design to improve their life and live a more fulfilling and aligned life according to Human Design.

What is Human Design?

Much like astrological birth charts, Human Design is a system based on your exact time, date, and place of birth.

Created by a man named Alan Krakower, who published a book in 1992 on the subject under the pseudonym Ra Uru Hu, Human Design is an incredibly specific way to learn more about your personality, emotions, and energy centers. More specifically, Human Design breaks down how you are wired to make decisions and help you to truly live according to your unique design.

It's basically an energetic blueprint. Human Design is essentially a mix of Kabbalah, I'Ching, Myers-Briggs, Astrology, and the Chakra system all in one

With Human Design, you're given specific tools to thrive and function based on what gives you motivation and how you make decisions. If you aren't harnessing the right energy based on your chart, then you get pulled off track, because you are trying to be everything that you are not. Essentially living by your conditioning and not by your design. This program is going to help you learn to live your design mindfully and manifest according to your unique blueprint!

Program Agenda

starts on Tuesday October 11th, 2022 at 12pm-1pm

Each class will be held on Zoom. I will record each session and send out the replay after. You do not need to attend class live to reap the benefits of this class. If you are not able to attend live and have a question you can always email me directly.


Intro to Human Design and Energy Type

October 11
12:00-1:00pm MST


Types, Not-Self & Signatures (how we best use our energy)

October 18
12:00-1:00pm MST


Strategies (how we create aligned opportunities)

October 15
12:00-1:00pm MST


Authority (how we make decisions)

November 1
12:00-1:00pm MST


Profiles (keys to our purpose)

November 8
12:00-1:00pm MST


Definitions (how we process information)

November 15
12:00-1:00pm MST


Centres (how your chakras supports you and relationships)

November 22
12:00-1:00pm MST


Cognition and Manifestation

November 29
12:00-1:00pm MST


Environment and Digestion

(how do you process food and interact with your surroundings)

December 6
12:00-1:00pm MST


World View and Wrap Up

December 13
12:00-1:00pm MST

Please note: Human Design is a vast and nuanced tool to help you live your life. While the class will not go into all the details of your chart, my intention is to use the parts of your chart to help you most align with your true self. If you want to go deeper into channels and incarnation crosses, I would recommend upgrading to VIP and having a 1:1 session with me where we will go deeper into those parts of the chart.





  • Includes your one unique Human Design Chart ($125)
  • 10 weeks of weekly 1hr instruction and coaching (value $3000)




  • Includes your one unique Human Design Chart ($125)
  • 10 weeks of weekly 1hr instruction and coaching (value $3000)
  • 1 hr Human Design Private Session with Sheetal Story (value $400)

*Payment plans are available. Please note that a service fee is added to all payment plans.

**To make your chart as accurate as possible, you will need to know the exact time of your birth (day, hour, and minute) in order to register for the program.

Let’s get you loving your life and living life way you were meant to - according your unique Human Design!

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You missed out!

*To make your chart as accurate as possible, you will need to know the exact time of your birth (day, hour, and minute) in order to register for the program.