Healing Your Life



Healing Your Life

Through the Chakras

9-week course

Did you know your Chakras are the gates through which your soul intersects with your physical body?

Have you been struggling with life?

You have been trying your best but can’t seem to get any headway?

Or perhaps you feel like you are stuck in a rut with the same problems coming up for you again and again?

We will journey together through the chakras and you will learn how your life has come to create blocks in each one of the chakras.

Chakras are the gates through which your soul intersects with your physical body. These gates control the vitality of your body in the areas they are located.  Your thoughts affect how well these gates work and over time we start to see issues in those areas of the body that can lead to illness, dis-ease, and pain.

Rather than waiting for these symptoms to come up, why not start now with preventative maintenance and rev up your life so you can live your most joyous aligned life now?!

As you learn about the chakras, you will integrate, heal, and release as we travel up the energetic gates to finally arrive at the crown. We cannot change what we do not acknowledge. And you cannot acknowledge what you do not know!

Healing Your Life Through the Chakras includes:

  • 9 virtual classes from 12pm-1pm MST on Monday's from: September 26th - December 5th 2022 (no class on Oct 10 or 31)
  • Integrative Lessons for 7 Chakra Centres
  • Guided Meditations & Hypnosis Therapy Exercises 
  • Weekly Chakra Handouts to Lock in the Lessons
  • A trauma informed atmosphere recognizes that everyone has trauma and your experiences affect confidence, beliefs, and behaviour. We promote loving those parts of ourselves that hold the safety mechanism that has been keeping us safe from an old trauma response, and we recognize the nervous system and a major ally in the healing process.

This course is for you if:

  • You're ready to journey the chakras and learn what each chakras means and what their functions are
  • You might not feel worthy of what you want and want to understand how you got blocked in the first place
  • You want to learn how to unblock the chakras using psychological tools, colour, stones, essential oils, and affirmations
  • You are seeking a class for energetic healing, introspection, and taking action!
  • You want to be the change you want to see in the world! 

Program Agenda

Monday at 12pm-1pm MST

September 26 - December 7, 2022

To get the most out of this program, it's strongly encouraged to attend our live Zoom sessions. Replays will be available.



What are the chakras and why they are important. 
Healing and what is required
Quiz to ascertain the baseline



Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs

Safety is the name of the game
Basic needs and fears that run your life

WEEK 3: OCT 17


Passion and Creativity
What do you do for a creative outlet?
Who are you currently as a sexual being?

WEEK 4: OCT 24


Courage, self empowerment

Where do you give your power away?
What do you feel worthy of?



Compassion, Love, and Kindness 

Have you ever had your heart broken? Are you holding grief for a loss?
How much do you love yourself?

WEEK 6: NOV 14


Communication, control, responsibility 

Where are you not speaking your truth?

Where do you stifle your knowing and sharing? 

WEEK 7: NOV 21


Intuitive unfolding

Trusting self and high knowledge 

How often do you use your intuition?

WEEK 8: NOV 28


Spiritual unfoldment

Trusting in Divine guidance 

Manifestation, Law of Attraction, and Mediumship

WEEK 9: DEC 5 


Quiz - your new current state

What did you notice?
9 Week Check-In

As we journey through the charkas...

  • You will learn about aspects of your life that continue to keep your stuck!
  • The Chakras are energetic channels that allow the energy of your soul to flow into your physical body. These channels can get blocked by our thoughts and beliefs. As we address the energetics of the decisions and thoughts you keep thinking, we will uncover what causes you to live a life that doesn’t match your dreams and desires.
  • We will unblock the chakras using psychological tools, colour, stones, essential oils, and affirmations. Each week we will focus on a different chakra and each week you will have homework based on your unique relationship with each centre.

We are all on our own unique path through life. We pick up these energetic signatures from our parents, friends, and ancestors. These energy signatures come into our being through thoughts, that create beliefs, that then create decisions and actions that create your life. If we can get to the heart of the thought, we can change the energy and now start to create a new reality for ourselves.

This is not a class for the person who just takes classes to learn about things. This is a class for those who want to start to build an energetically sound life with inspired actions!

This is a class of healing, introspection, and taking action! We aren’t just here to think about the changes we want to make. We need to be the change we want to see in the world. It starts with you.


The single most impactful thing that I learned throughout the course was that good or bad, the beliefs that we created when we were younger impact the way that we view and interact with the world around us, and how we view ourselves. We have to compassionately look at ourselves and understand where the belief came from to be able to grow into our full potential.


One of the aspects I loved about the program is The community! Being around such supportive kind women is always a big draw for me. I loved having an outlet every week during COVID when life felt so uncertain. Sheetal is always an important spirit for me to be around. She is an incredible support for me even when she isn’t with me physically.


I came across Sheetal by coincidence (but after her courses, I have learnt there are no such thing as coincidences). I've taken intuition 101, 201 and then went on to do 2 more in depth personal and business coaching.  The value I have gained from these classes I cannot even truly explain.  It has opened up new doors and I have finally healed some parts of me I didn't even realize I needed healed.  She truly is amazing at what she does and genuinely cares about her clients.


I was in an emotional, confusing place when this program started. This couldn't have come at a better time in my life. I met a community of like-minded women who supported me to trust my intuition, the gifts I have and to know I am loved. This program changed my life by giving me direction to really hone in on my talents and gifts. I am now 100% invested in my growth and I have a path to get me towards these amazing goals! 


Your time is now!

I was there too once.


Not sure where to start.

Knowing I had a gift to offer.

I could be of service. I was meant to serve and be of a higher purpose than just working everyday for a corporation that was not in alignment with who I know I could be.

There can be so much to do if you do not know where to focus first or how to formulate a plan and stick to it  

Honestly I have worked with coaches for the past 3 years and it has seriously made all the difference. 

I actually started working with coaches through group coaching options to help not only mange costs, and try out a coach before I bought a program, but also for the power of community to accelerate results and learning.

The communities I was part of were all high vibe women and you could feel the difference when we all stepped in together to the space of online learning and coaching. And that is exactly I have created here.

I have created a safe container for your to skyrocket into your passion and purpose and tangibly see it out into the world.

If you have found me here and you have read to this point on this page, then you know you are meant for more. If you do not invest in yourself now, then you will be here again next year, 5 years from now, and even possibly 10 years from now. And I can tell you for sure that you did not come into this space and time to deny your talents and gifts.

The world needs you now more than ever. Now is your time to learn about your inherent gifts. And if you choose to join, I would be so honored to be your guide.

If this speaks to your intuition and soul, I urge you to sign up now. Don't wait another year to discover what you came here to do and what that could look like as a real business and talent that people pay you for. The world needs your special brilliance now more than ever.

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