Healing Your Life Through the Chakras 9-Week Program


Did you know your Chakras are the gates through which your soul intersects with your physical body?Have you been struggling with life?You have been trying your best but can’t seem […]

Full Moon in Gemini Manifestation Workshop


♊Full Moon in Gemini Manifestation Workshop♊ Ever wonder how to use the Moon’s cycles to manifest your heart’s desires? Cultures and people around the world use the Moon’s cycles to […]


M.I.A. Academy 2023


Leave the noisy, stressful, overwhelming fearful world behind and drop into the expansiveness of your heart and soul. How amazing would it be to have a constant reminder and influence […]

Intuition 101


This 4 week online course will help you get more connected to your intuition. Intuition is a muscle - the more you flex it, the stronger it gets. The problem […]