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Optimizing Your Schedule Using the Moon: A Guide for Women in Business

May 30, 2022 @ 11:00 am - 1:00 pm


Have you ever wondered how you can make your life easier? Create more energy in your schedule? You have natural cycles that are always at play in your life, and if you know what these are you can create so much more space and energy in your schedule when you need it the most! Using the cycles of the Moon and how it relates to either your natural energetic or Menstrual Cycle, I will teach you how to organize your schedule so you are in tune with rest on the low energy weeks and presenting on days you're prone to feel more radiant and magnetic! Who doesn’t love efficiency?!! This 2hr workshop over Zoom will come with a replay and a handout for your to get the most out of this info-packed workshop. Together we rise!

Date: Monday, May 30th
Time: 11am-1pm MST
Ticket: $127
Register: Click Here

Abundance is multiplied by using your resources wisely to create wealth. Your biggest resource is your intelligence and your energy. What if you could use these resources so efficiently that you have an amazing life that is always generating more?! Isn’t that the entrepreneurial dream? To create more wealth and still have balance in your life?! Yes! We can have it all!!

As women, we have so many unique gifts and talents to help others and elevate this planet. And yet we are always so busy doing for everyone else, that we can be left feeling drained and wobbly. Ancient Wisdom of using the cycles of nature has always been available to us, but somehow has been lost to the sands of time.

Do you know the Farmer’s Almanac follows the cycles of the Moon for planting different vegetation and different harvest times? This is no ‘woo woo’ stuff – this is tired and true wisdom passed down from generation to generation and now this knowledge can be available to you too.

When we plan our lives according to our natural rhythms, we can more easily flow with the energy and rest when we really need it the most. The moon goes through 8 different phases. We can use these phases for our highest and best to create more in our lives.

Join me for this information-packed workshop that will blow your mind! I can’t wait to see how this information will change the way you structure your life. Imagine a world where women are organizing their workweek based on their natural cycles and showing up in the best of ways, and still having the space to rest too! We can make this world a reality now!


May 30, 2022
11:00 am - 1:00 pm




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