The Woo Woo Box FAQ

How do I update my shipping address?

Please send us an email with the full name you registered with, your old address and your new address to sheetal@sheetalstory.com

When will my box ship?

The Woo Woo Box ships out quarterly on these dates:

January 4th, April 5th, July 5th, October 4th.

When will I receive my box?

Usually 5-10 days of the shipping date.

When will I be billed?

You’ll be billed for your first box when you sign up. Starting with your second box, you’ll fall on our regular billing and based on the date you signed up.

Can I change my monthly billing and shipping date?

We’re not able to modify the billing and shipping dates for your subscription. After your first box, you’ll fall on our regular billing and shipping cycles.

How do I cancel my subscription?

We do not provide refunds for payments already made if you cancel mid-way through a cycle. To cancel your subscription, please send an email to sheetal@sheetalstory.com with your full name and address that you have on file as your shipping address. Your subscription will be immediately cancelled with no further shipping or billing.

Can I pause my subscription?

Unfortunately, we do not currently offer a pause function, and due to high demand, members are unable to cancel and re-subscribe. You can cancel and then go onto the waitlist for the next box as an individual payment. Please do keep in mind subscribers get a better price than one time box purchasers do.

Can I see what’s coming in my next box?

As soon as your next box ships, you’ll be able to view the included products on your box page at https://sheetalstory.com/woo-woo-box-sales-page/.

How do you ship boxes each month?

Boxes are ground-shipped via Canada Post. This means you’ll receive your box in your mailbox each quarter—no need to sign.

Can I change the shipping method so I get my box faster?

We’re not able to expedite the shipping on your subscription box.

Can I track my box?

Yes! You’ll receive your tracking information each quarter once the box ships via email.

My box was marked as delivered, but I didn’t receive it.

It’s possible that Canada Post marked your box as delivered prematurely. If it’s been 3 business days or more since false delivery, let us know so we can take care of it.

Be sure to double-check your address to make sure everything’s up to date, too.

Where can I have my membership box shipped?

We currently ship subscriptions to Canada only. PO boxes are allowed.

Will you be shipping The Woo Woo Box to the US anytime soon?

Not in the next year. There are liquids in the box and passing them through customs requires paperwork and resources that we have to research and put into place.

I have an allergy. Will this be considered for my subscription and items in the box?

We are not able to tailor boxes to allergy needs. All items and their ingredients are contained in the pamphlet and on the vendor’s websites. Please refer to these before using any of the products if you have an allergy. We suggest you gift the items you can’t use to friends and family to appreciate through your generosity and kind heart.

Can I purchase a membership as a gift?

Absolutely! We encourage it! Just sign up under the person’s name and address you want to receive the box, but just use your billing information.

Do you charge sales tax?

Since we are based in Alberta, Canada we will use Alberta tax rates only, which is 5% GST only! Yay Alberta!

What is your return policy?

We do not take back product. Any issues with products or boxes damaged in transport requires pictures of the products/box be sent to us at sheetal@sheetalstory.com. The pictures are required and appreciated for further action we can take with the carrier and also to help us ensure where could also improve our packaging. We do not take back product due the pandemic and the personal nature of some of the products. We will arrange for replacement product to be sent out to you instead and we endeavour to make it right for you, as we genuinely care about you and your experience with the Woo!

Do you issue refunds?

We do not. We stand by the quality of the products and the integrity for which The Woo Woo Box was created. If you have any problems please email us at sheetal@sheetalstory.com and we promise to make it right.

My order won’t go through!

If you’re having trouble submitting your order, try these tips:

  • Double-check your card details. If the error message has no specific information, it’s possible the incorrect expiration date or CVV code was entered. If you’re using a saved payment method, we recommend re-entering the card details as if it were a new form of payment and submitting.
  • If you’re not able to enter your card information at all, please email us at sheetal@sheetalstory.com