Minding the Moon: Creating Your Extraordinary Life According to the Moon's Cycles!

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Planning your life according to the Moon is a game changer.

Knowing that you can create a life that flows with your energy is the key to success.

What if you could plan your hardest meetings or projects for when you had the most energy? Or avoid people when you want to kill them? Not literally of course (well maybe a little).

The Minding the Moon Workshop will teach you exactly that. And for the females - if you are menstruating you can plan around your cycle too. Never be exhausted pushing through a meeting again! 

Minding the Moon: Creating your Extraordinary Life According to the Moon's Cycles

Want to know the #1 easiest way to align your life + career with the cosmos?
Simply look up at the moon!

Every 4 weeks or so, the moon visibly completes a full cycle from the New Moon to Full Moon, and back again. During this same time period, we go through a cycle of our own too – a manifestation cycle.

To “manifest” is to make something amazing happen, and making amazing things happen takes time. Plus, have you ever noticed that the process tends to follow a pattern?

First, you look around and decide something needs to happen. Then, you set a goal. Next, you have a brainstorming session where you research how to do it and lay down your plan of attack. And finally, you go after that plan step-by-step until you eventually make it happen, right? (At least that’s the idea!)

Well, our lovely Moon follows a similar pattern, too. The Moon cycle is actually something we naturally synchronize with anyways. It’s just like how the ocean’s tides never forget to flow in for every sunrise and sunset. However, if you can become aware of which phase we’re currently in, it will allow you to work in tune with the Moon to manifest what you want.

The Moon shows us that there really is a right timing for everything!

In this workshop you will learn the 8 phases (yup, I said 8) of the Moon, how to plan your life according to the phases. If you are menstruating you can also plan your life according to your menstruation cycle for optimal ease. Both cycles are predictable and offer us insight into your energy and mental capacity at various times of the month. Plan accordingly and you can come into much success!


Taking this course:
You have full digital access to the 1.5 hours of course content after registration! You can listen to all the of lessons in one sitting or choose a few modules at a time - whatever flows with your schedule.

What you will learn:
This course will walk you through a deep understanding of each of the 8 Phases of the Lunar cycles, and give you direction on how to harness the unique energy and apply it to your lifestyle. The final module reviews the Wild Card Eclipse phase! 

In the introduction module you can download the Moon Cycle Worksheet to follow along and take note of key themes and tasks that resonate most with you.

This course is designed to build on knowledge and understanding of the moon, so take each lesson in progressive order. The course will take approximately 1.5hrs to complete.

Virtual on-demand class hosted over MemberVault platform. 

Investment: $197

Sheetal Story

Sheetal is a Certified Astrologer, Therapeutic Hypnotherapist, Certified Medium, Tarot Reader, and Life Purpose Coach - all to provide you with the insight that can propel you forward into the life you deserve! 

"Helping those who are spiritually curious cultivate a deeper connection with the Universe and their own powerful spirit, so they can align with their intuition and live with joy and alignment every day."

"Sheetal is an excellent instructor and take any class she offers if you can!"  -Pam W.

"I feel like I have developed tools that I can easily implement day to day, that bring me a sense of peace and messages from the Divine."  -Shaina S.

"I have more confidence in my abilities and in myself. "  -Carmyn K.

"This course has helped me learn to trust my intuition and stop doubting so much."  -Sarah F.

"I learned how to meditate and find my intuition/trust myself more. Mostly that I'm an Empath and figuring out what that means."    -Claire H.

"I feel more joyful and trusting the Universe. Trusting my gut feelings.   -Kim Q.

"It has cut down on the noise. It has also affirmed my belief and faith in intuitive development."   -Mena M.

"Anytime I learn, my quality of life improves."   -Kailee S.

"I learned to trust my intuition more and to recognize it."   -Norma C.

"You are wonderful and it is always a pleasure learning from you! Keep being you!"   -Becky M.