M.I.A. Academy

Manifestation, Intuition and Astrology

Leave the noisy, stressful, overwhelming fearful world behind and drop into the expansiveness of your heart and soul.

How amazing would it be to have a constant reminder and influence of love, joy, and ease bringing you back into heart each week? When we let the outside world pull us away from the expansive abundant truth of who we are, we get caught up in fear, overwhelm, powerlessness, and hopelessness! And I think we are all done with that ratchet energy, am I right?!

Manifestation Intuition and Astrology Academy will help you flow with the energy of the Universe and learn how to read the signs to become a magical manifestation goddess that you were born to be. This program will bring you back to the truth of your soul - that you were made to enjoy life and experience this life from the seat of the soul. And not from the seat of the ego.

M.I.A. Academy is an earth school designed to assist truth seekers in learning how to use Manifestation, Intuition, and Astrology to navigate this life time for more alignment with their soul, ease of flow with life’s obstacles, healing from the past, and more joyful life experiences.

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Here are the tools + skills we are going to be harnessing in the MIA Academy. 

  • manifestation

  • intuition

  • astrology


Manifestation is the ability to bring that which is abstract (an idea, a thought, and emotional desire) into tangible being. When you make your goals happen or your desire something and it happens - that is manifestation.

You have been manifesting since the day that you were born. Your desires sit in a field of possibilities. As you come into alignment with your desire energetically, it flows into your life. The key here is that you were likely not a conscious manifestor up till now. We are taught to work for what we want - try harder and harder to make your goals and life happen. Work hard to make more money. The problem is that is a zero sum game. You can only work so hard before you burn out. You can only try so hard to get a goal achieved. But if it isn’t the right time (Astrology can see timing) and if you aren’t in alignment with your goal or wish energetically then you will never make it come to life or at least not in that moment.

How much better can life get? I am here to tell you a lot easier. Manifestation’s simple formula is: Intention + Emotional Being + Action = Manifestation

Intention is easy, the key is to be specific. Emotional Being is not so easy. Who do you need to Be to do the things you need to Do, so you can Have what you desire? If what you want causes your Being to feel stressed, then you will actually sabotage your efforts. That is why understanding the nuance of your desires and why you don’t have it yet is such a key part of this process. You can’t just affirm and positive yourself into alignment. Healing is also a part of Manifestation. And then of course the last step of Action is easy, because you likely have been doing all the “right” things to get what you want. You have been working hard and trying.

If you are frustrated that you have to received what you desire, then one of the components of the formula is not quite right. In M.I.A. we address all the parts of the formula. 

"Ask for what you want and be prepared to get it."

Maya Angelou

Before you came here, you gave yourself a series of check-points to hit along the way.

You had soul contracts to fulfill, and you choose to be born into specific factors that would help shape you to live out the life lessons you came here to learn. Those factors include the way you look, your parents, the location and time you were born into, and some of the very hard things that happened to you in childhood and beyond. Those events (good and bad) have created the amazing human that is reading this now. When we can see the opportunity these events have created, we are able to find gratitude and heal in a way that empowers us. Everything happens for an opportunity, especially the crappy stuff!

If you feel lost, unsure if you can trust your intuition, want more magic and support in your life, then MIA Academy is the exact right and perfect place for you.

This monthly membership will open your mind up to the magical world of manifestation, understanding the cosmos and energy being presented, and learning how to connect deeply with your soul.

MIA Academy Includes:

Weekly pre-recorded lessons on Manifestation, Astrology, and Intuition

Every week you will get a pre-recorded lesson in the membership hub to do for the week to help you lock in the learning in one of the 3 areas - Manifestation, Intuition, Astrology.

Monthly 1hr Q&A Facebook Live Calls

Once a month there will be a Q&A in our private Facebook group where I will answer all your questions about the material.

Monthly 1hr Live Group Exercises

Once a month we will have a group exercise live that you can attend and dive deeper into learning and provide hands-on experience. You'll also receive bonus monthly challenges.


Sheetal! If I hadn’t taken your intuition courses I don’t know where I’d be right now. I trusted my intuition, payed attention to the signs, stood up for myself, quit a “good job”, signed up and was accepted into school… today I found out that after all my applications I will received $17,375 dollars in grants for college!!! My entire tuition is just over $20,000. I’m even eligible for more after my first year.


Also, I wanted to let you know that when I made my vision board and put "pay off debt in 2020" I really thought it would be a slim chance that I would end the year debt free. But, I've already paid off 75% of that debt! I'm due to have it totally paid off by the end of June. WOW. So amazing. I feel it. I look at my vision board every single morning and night and I feel it teaching me and encouraging me. Thank you for everything.


I had such a great time Sheetal! Thank you for accommodating my schedule. My vision board is beautiful and inspiring. I am so grateful for getting to spend the day with all the positive energy and loving kindness from all the fabulous ladies who were there. You really are wonderful at what you do!!!


My life has been so positively impacted since working with Sheetal. I notice such a difference in my demeanour, interactions and actions on a daily basis. I now maintain healthy boundaries, have an incredible toolbox of self-care rituals, my mental chatter is more easily managed and I have a profound respect for myself, goals and needs!


Such a caring, supportive & knowledgeable approach you take, Sheetal... allowing space for everyone to engage & fully understand their experiences in each moment! Amazing!!


I've learn a lot from you, you are truly an example of how a teacher be to empower her/his students.


You’re a fantastic guide and a blessing to all humankind. It’s like I’m now on this greased up racetrack on a slick sled.


Sheetal Lohtia YOUR Intuitive Development Course has guided me to hearing, trusting, boundaries, which I am still working on! Protecting my Aura was a huge one for me as well. Grateful for all the great teachers and healers in our Community! Thanks again Sheetal!


Wouldn’t it be great to start the year off with momentum and support around what you really want to come to fruition?

Manifestation isn’t just about affirmations and pretending like you have it already. It is really about embodying the feeling (being) what you need to be, and then taking inspired action to do what you need to do, to then have what you want to have. The being-ness comes from your soul. The more you can tap into that magnificent Intuition, trust it, strengthen it, and then use it to create your next steps forward, all while aligning with the energy of the cosmos through understanding the Astrology - well that right there is how magic is made my friends!

Are you ready to make magic happen in your life?!

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