Lucky Girl Syndrome


Join us for an experiment in being Lucky!

Have you heard of the latest craze on TikTok called The Lucky Girl Syndrome? It is the latest Manifestation trend and I am ALL ABOUT IT!

On TikTok, people are crediting Lucky Girl Syndrome as the reason they've won sports bets, become first-time home buyers and gotten a raise. 

So I got super curious.

Experience is the best teacher and I thought what a better way to embody this latest trend than to experiment with it and put it into action in our lives

As a Law of Attraction Master Coach, luck fascinates me. I was not brought up with the idea of being lucky, but rather I have created my own luck. Through working through this thought experiment, I have realized that I am actually quite lucky! You can learn to be lucky!

And truly in this day and age of inflation and rising costs, couldn’t we all use more luck?!🍀

Join me for this 2 x 1hr workshop where you will learn the ins and outs of Lucky Girl Syndrome and take part in a 30 day experiment to see how this works for you! We will also come back together after 30 days to see how the experiment went and share our experiences!

How the Experiment Works

First Workshop

Tuesday March 28th 12:00pm-1:00pm MST

  • An introduction of Lucky Girl Syndrome
  • Understanding the key concepts and learning how to put it into practice in your life
  • A handout to help you apply the Lucky Girl Syndrome to your life
  • A hypnosis to help you feel more lucky!

Second Workshop

Friday April 28th 12:00pm-1:00pm MST

This will be an interactive class where you will be sharing how this experiment went for you.

  • A follow up to see how the thought experiment went
  • Sharing of experiences with Lucky Girl Syndrome
  • A handout to help you understand your experience and how luck plays out in your life
  • A private Facebook group to keep us in contact with each other, to help keep you accountable, and to share wins as we go through this experiment to amplify the frequency of luck

Astrology Fun Fact

On March 28 Mercury conjuncts Jupiter - beliefs and luck - and is a great day astrologically that brings good news, optimism, and a happy frame of mind! Fortune comes to many areas of life, so this is an excellent time for work and play. We should feel broad-minded, generous and sociable.


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