Ignite Your Inner Flame

Aries New Year Astrology & SRT Clearing Workshop

Embark on a Cosmic Journey with Spiritual Sage Elise Brathwaite and Astrologer Sheetal Story!

Join us March 19

Are you ready to embrace the vibrant energy of the Aries New Year and pave the way for a year of bold transformations and new beginnings? Join us for an empowering 2-hour workshop where we clear away the cobwebs from the previous year and set our intentions for the real new year!

What to Expect

Astrological Insights

Unlock the cosmic secrets of the Aries New Year with Sheetal Story’s insights for the year ahead and how this year will illuminate each zodiac sign. Explore how the celestial energies align to usher in a year of courage, innovation, and dynamic growth.

SRT Clearing Session

Immerse yourself in a transformative Spiritual Response Therapy (SRT) clearing session led by Elise Brathwaite. She will help us release stagnant energies, clear blocks, and create space for abundance and positivity.

Empowerment & Community

Connect with like-minded, spiritually seekers in a nurturing and supportive space. Harness the collective energy to set powerful intentions for the Aries New Year and beyond.

🎁 Exclusive Takeaways

  • Receive personalized astrological insights from Sheetal Story
  • Experience an SRT clearing with Elise Brathwaite
  • Leave with clarity, insight and understanding for the new zodiacal year!

date & Time

March 19th 2024
7pm-9pm MST


On Zoom

Investment in yourself


Meet your guides on this magical journey

Elise Brathwaite

As a full-fledged Aquarian, Elise is passionate about supporting the evolution of humanity! Elise is a Clairvoyant Modern Day Oracle, a Soul Speaker, and Sage. Through her connection to the Divine, she channels past life healing, DNA activations, and messages from Galactic Source to help individuals and groups release old limiting programming and in turn shift into higher consciousness.

Sheetal Story

Sheetal is a Psychic Medium, Professional Certified Astrologer, Grief Support Counsellor and Law of Attraction Master Coach. As a grounded Virgo, she loves to help people moving through grief and transitions. She teaches people how to cultivate and strengthen their intuition, overcome grief and self-sabotage, to live a fulfilling life that aligns with their cosmic design.

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You missed out!

Don't miss this opportunity to align with the cosmic energies, elevate your spiritual journey, and welcome the Aries New Year with intention and clarity. Join us for an evening of celestial wisdom, soulful connections, and transformative experiences!

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