discover your

Passion & Purpose

Discover your

Passion & Purpose

Living life with purpose, on purpose, can lead to a longer life, a better quality life, and so much more happiness and fulfillment.

Purpose is an emotional embodiment that evolves as you grow and learn about yourself. You have a series of assignments that will align with your purpose over the course of your lifetime, some more than others. You can also embody your purpose in many different zones in your life as well. 

Obviously, there is so much to understanding and living your purpose. My intention is to help you get deeper clarity and potentially create a roadmap to moving forward with your purpose.

Your soul came here with a mission. To be in service in some way - first to yourself and then to others. Are you living out your mission?

The Passion & Purpose Track

Programs to support you on your path to discovering your passion and purpose.

Discovering your Soul-Led

Passion & Purpose

3 Month Group Coaching Program

3-month live program that uses a trauma-informed approach to dive deep into your souls purpose.

Living Your Life According to Your

Human Design

10 week program

Embodying Your Soul’s

Passion and Purpose

6 Month Group Coaching Program

did you know?

"Purpose in life and capability are unique mediators of the relationship between health status and quality of life."

- Disability and Rehabilitation Journal, July 23rd, 2019