CEO Visionary 2 Day Planning Experience:

Creating 2024 withStrategic Soul-Full Design

Conscious Business

Strategic Planning

for 2024

For spiritual entrepreneurs who want to mindfully plan their 2024 with balance and abundance!

This 2 Day in-person workshop was birthed, because I simply couldn’t find an event that really helped me consciously create a year ahead plan that felt both expansive AND supportive for every area of my life.

As a Conscious CEO, I want to be mindful with my energy, time, and resources and planning ahead helps me to do that. When I have a solid plan in place, pivot as experience and intuitive inspiration hits, I really get to do my best work! I get to be present knowing I have mindfully created a secure foundation to hold the abundance I desire.

This 2-day workshop will have your creating your Vision Board for the year ahead with the glee of a 6 year old child but the consciousness of an abundant CEO! Before you even touch the glitter, we will be working on the internal yearnings of what you want to be, do, and have for the year ahead. We will be coaching and listening to one another ne helping each participant get clear on what abundance and success looks like for you. When you create from that space, you are magnet and your success is inevitable!

This 2 Day Workshop Includes

Day 1: Vision Boarding with Soul

  • A meditation to help you sit into the seat of the soul and create from a space of abundance and inner wisdom.
  • Digging into what your soul wants to create for your life in 2024 using the Be/Do/Have model.
  • Coaching and group work to help you dig into what you would like to be to achieve the goals you set for yourself in every area of your life, including relationships, personal health, business, and finances.
  • Uncovering blocks to abundance and healing support to mindfully create safety for you to move forward past these defense mechanisms (we all have them! And as an Entrepreneur you are on the fast track for spiritual and personal evolution! We need to sit with those parts of us that are scared for the next level of evolution! It is a process that requires compassion and guidance and Sheetal is excited to be your guide through this process!
  • Physically creating your Vision Board with all the supplies provided including magazines, glue, glitter, and poster board.

After this day is complete you will have:

  • A clear understanding of what drives you for 2024.
  • A better understanding of your blocks to evolution as an entrepreneur.
  • A completed Vision Board with being, doing, and having goals that are important to you and the steps to get you to them.

Day 2: Conscious Business Path to Abundant 2024 Planning

  • First we will map out your ideal schedule - daily, weekly, monthly, yearly.
  • Looking back on 2023 we will get clear on what worked, what didn’t, and celebrate the wins and losses, because we learn from both.
  • Do/Delete/Delegate/Automate framework (services, tasks, programs, products, team and how and when to add to your team with financial awareness).
  • We will go over the Astrology for 2024 to ascertain the most energetically supportive times to launch (includes New Moon and Full Moon dates, and retrogrades).
  • Budgeting and sales planning for 2024.
  • Getting clear on your programs and offerings for 2024 including Hot Seat coaching group feedback for each participant.
  • Marketing and launch paths mapped out for 2024 (long and short runways).
  • Mapping out your year ahead on calendars and getting clear on what an abundant year ahead looks like for you.
  • All materials will be provided for this planning session including: worksheets, a 2024 wall calendar, Post-It notes, markers, and 2 sets of calendars for 2024, a journal and pen.

After this day is complete you will have:

  • A mapped out schedule daily, weekly, monthly, and for 2024.
  • A clear understanding of when you will have to schedule launch planning, marketing, and content to support your launches for your offerings in 2024.
  • A dialed in vision of the services and products you want to mindfully offer.
  • What an abundant schedule for you feels like.
  • Understanding where you need support and how to add it in without financial stress and hardship.
  • Support to further cultivate an abundant CEO mindset to help you create your vision, own the powerful vision coming from your Soul, and practically apply it into your life for 2024.
  • Clarity of what worked and didn’t work for 2022 and how to bring what you learned into 2024.
  • Soulful connections with like-minded CEOs that are cheering you on for your most joyfully abundant outcomes.

What to bring

  • An open mind and an enthusiastic heart
  • Any plans or materials you need to plan for 2024
  • Any magazines or pictures you specifically have for your Vision Board
  • A list of your current offerings, products, services
  • A list of potential offerings, products, services you want to offer for 2024
  • What does your dream team look like? Make a list of what your ideal dream team would look like (examples include - Bookkeeper, CPA, Business Manager, VA, Personal Assistant, Chef, Cleaning Lady, Community Manager, Social Media Manager, Launch Manager, Marketing Manager, Executive Assistant)
  • A warm sweater or shall - temperatures can fluctuate in the event space
  • Any snacks you want to eat or share
  • Curious if this workshop is a good fit?

    This is for:

    • The CEO who is growing their established business and wants to create their 2024 with abundance and joy
    • The person who loves to serve and create offerings and products to help better their client’s lives
    • The business person who strives for balance to take care of their family and be present for them while building their financial legacy
    • The person who wants to make an impact in this world but also make money doing what they love
    • The CEO who loves their business and wants to see it evolve with grace, ease, and flow
    • The person who struggles with the roller coaster ride that entrepreneurship brings of energy, creativity, money, and clients
    • The business person who longs for more free space to do what they love and money to be financially free to explore life

    This is NOT for:

    • CEOs that are not aware that their soul has come here to make a difference in their lifetime
    • People who do not take action when presented with a clear path to success
    • People who cycle in their stories and struggle with owning their worth
    • Entrepreneurs who have been in business for under 1 year
    • People who do not have a vision
    • People who think they know everything
    • People who are not willing to evolve and heal
    • CEOs who subscribe to grind and hustle tactics and mindset
    • Entrepreneurs that do not care about their clients and instead favour profits over people
    • CEOs that treat their teams without appreciation

    The Details

    Date: November 4th and 5th 2023
    Time: 10am-5pm both days (with a 60 minute break for lunch)
    Location: Roots on Whyte 3rd Floor Room (Edmonton)

    Cost: $444+GST (payment plans available)

    VIP: $555+GST (includes personalized Human Design and astrologically favourable days for 2024 - payment plans available)

    Tea, coffee, and supplies will be provided. You will be responsible for your own lunch on both days.

    * As this is my inaugural year of offering this, I am only creating this curated experience for 20 amazing CEOs. And the price will go up next year as the event expands. This year the cost is $444 CAD for this epic experience. Next year it will go up to $555.

    VIP Experience

    For the Opulent CEOs Only

    I love creating a VIP* option for those who desire a deeper, more support experience! I have created a VIP* experience if you are called to step into an opulent, more supported experience at this event. For those who choose the VIP* experience, I will provide you with your Astrologically aligned CEO days for 2024 so you can add them to your calendar and create according to your own personal Astrology. I will also help you to understand your own Human Design so you can live your Design. These tools will help you to create a more supportive 2024 calendar. Here is what the experience will include:

    • Days every month that you are most creative (Value priceless)
    • Days every year that you are most energetically aligned for abundance (Value priceless)
    • Days every year that are your lowest energy days (Value priceless)
    • Your very own Human Design Printout created by me, to help you understand how you are uniquely designed to lead, make decisions, communicate, cultivate relationships, and so much more. It’s beautifully designed, made especially for you. (Value $150)
    • A special gift from my heart to yours. I personally love the VIP option when I attend events, as it creates a feeling of opulence and abundance that I desire to weave through my life experiences. I will create a little bit of this for you as you have chosen to invest in yourself and receive a more opulent experience! (Value $100)

    *You must know your EXACT time of birth for this offering

    Hi, I'm Sheetal

    As a fellow spiritual entrepreneur, I know what it's like to get pulled off course in my business. It's so easy to get derailed in moving our businesses forward because we are just trying to serve our clients and keep on top of our day-to-day duties in our businesses. I personally love what I do! And when it comes moving the ship ahead, some days I am just trying to stay afloat! It is the nature of entrepreneurship!

    But when we have a conscious plan in place, scheduled tasks to keep us accountable, and a team to help us accomplish, we can do anything!

    We also need a community to help us rise and hold a vision of us when we cannot see or feel that vision in ourselves. You are not meant to be a lone wolf in the entrepreneurial journey. You rise faster and further when you go with a group of people who are also ascending into their dreams.

    If this calls to you and only if it feels like a “hell yes! I want this” then please do register and join me as we consciously create the most aligned year of abundance ever for ourselves! I am not here to convince you of your greatness, nor am I selling you anything. I only want those who feel the pull to ascend in a magical container of like minds with the support of Law of Attraction Coach and Psychic Medium that also happens to have a Business Degree. I want to help fellow Soul-preneurs rise to their highest and best potential and live their most abundant life! No more starving spiritual healers, no more lack for those of us who are doing great work. No! We all deserve abundance. And when we do the inner work, we become magnetic for those who need and want what we got.

    I can not wait to create with those who are called!