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Astrology + Human Design Consultation

Biz and Life Clarity for Aligned Living

Astrology Consultation

Ready to use Astrology to guide your next moves and plan your year according to your unique soul blueprint?

When you hire me as your Astrology Consultant, I will look up your personal Astrology themes for the year showing up in your birth chart, along with incorporating your unique Human Design blueprint in planning, so we are in total alignment with the way you were designed to flow with the world.

By enrolling in Biz & Life Clarity for Aligned Living, it's like accessing a cheat-sheet for life!

When you live according to your unique blueprint and flowing with your strengths with Astrology to guide your next moves - you feel super human. 

Like you're divinely supported and manifest everything you design with ease and grace.

How powerful would you feel owning your passion and purpose and living a life full of joy and abundance? 

I can see all of these for you and I am so excited to help you get there!

How consulting flows with you

Initial Consultation

Our first meeting is 2-hours to review the major themes in your Astrology chart and look at your unique blueprint in your Human Design chart.

We will talk about your goals and energy outlook for your year ahead and begin to align 

with the truest essence that is your Divine being.

Quarterly Meetings

Each quarterly meeting we will meet for 1-hour to discuss your next 3-months ahead! 

We review what you need to be aware of energetically for themes likely to impact you during this time, along with optimizing the major events in your calendar (like new launches, big meetings, vacations, or gatherings).

Collaborative Process 

Consulting during sessions may include but not be limited to Astrology, Mediumship, Psychic Downloads, Human Design, Grief Support, and Law of Attraction and Manifestation Support. 

For any '911' situations that may arise, you will have Voxer support to get urgent insights! 

What will I need to provide as a client?

1. Your preferred times and days of the week that you would like to book our sessions together (I love to mutually honour our aligned work schedules and scheduling out for the year allows me to make sure you are a priority in my schedule)

2. Two weeks in advance of each meeting, I will ask for an outline of your schedule for the next 3-months ahead that includes your important launches, holidays, and any major meetings or events you would like to share, so we can use our hour together for the most impact and illumination possible.

3. Investment of 12 monthly payments of $367/month
4. A 1-year commitment with your willingness to trust the process!


What do you provide as the consultant?

1. Four virtual sessions throughout the year to discuss the upcoming quarter and what is coming up for you. (Subject to availability in our aligned schedules. Ideally they are spaced 3 months apart and could be more or less depending on availability).

2. An interactive digital calendar showing your most important astrological events and energetic themes to be aware of (can be saved as PDF for those who prefer printed copies)

3. Exclusive support using all of my gifts over the course of our time together! This may include but not be limited to Astrology, Mediumship, Psychic Downloads, Human Design, Grief Support, and Law of Attraction and Manifestation Support.

4. You will have monthly Voxer access to me for '911 situations' that arise. I will be available on Voxer from Monday-Friday between 10am-4pm MST as my schedule allows. 

Why is my astrology chart important?

Your natal chart is a cosmic road map representing the spiritual potential that existed at the moment of your birth. Your chart can help you get a sense of your whole self while also decoding the current cycles of your life and the future cycles you have yet to encounter. 

By exploring your natal chart, you can uncover your gifts, your deep-seated beliefs, your passions, and your true calling in this world. You can tap into the power and energy that allows you to achieve your life’s work in a way that feels authentic and natural.

Do you predict the future with astrology?

No. While astrology readings show the realm of possibility, you ultimately decide how you navigate your path. I can’t predict the future, and the future is not set in stone. What you discover in your chart can help you make growth-oriented decisions and leverage your potential, so you can orient yourself towards the success and the future you desire.

Every choice you make dictates a series of events in your life. The point of power is always in the present moment. Your free will determines your life. Own your power!

Who this is for:

  • Future minded CEOs who want to invest in their personal and business success with aligned support
  • Women who are ready to step into their full potential and be supported in their pursuit of self mastery
  • Spiritually excited women who know they are meant for big things and are actively attracting bigger and more exciting opportunities into their lives
  • Women who are tired of feeling like they are fighting their natural rhythms and design
  • Women who are ready for success and fulfillment in never before experienced ways

If this is a “hell yes” for you - take the first action and register for Biz and Life Clarity for Aligned Living! 

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"Thank you sooooo much for this very thorough message. I know it is time to shed my south node’s attempt to keep me safe. Thank you for that nudge. Much appreciation for you!"

-Erin T

"I’m so excited and still happy to report that I am able to keep “the noise” in my life to a minimum and it has made such a difference for me!"

-Mena M

"It was everything I needed it to be! Much love to you my friend and to the beautiful soul tribe that came together!"

-Katie B

"Thank you for the amazing reading. You are so talented."

-Leanne C

"Sheetal did my astrological charts and the time she put into it and the information I received was astounding. Sheetal’s passion and knowledge for astrology was obvious as she took her time to explain what my charts meant for my life. I highly recommend getting a consultation done by Sheetal. Loved it."

-Donna B

"Thank you so much Sheetal! You are so right in everything you said."

-Terri S

With my expertise in astrology, positive psychology, and trauma-informed counselling, I’ll help you make the spiritual lifestyle changes you've been desiring and get you aligned with the impact in your business and the world you were born to create.

This could be the greatest turning point in your life, if you let it be.

Your soul came here with a mission. To be in service in some way - first to yourself and then to others. Are you living out your mission?

Sheetal Story

Currently accepting new clients

Self-Register below and we'll reach out with the contract and appointments.