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Astrology for July 2019

The month of July has 2 New Moons, 1 Full Moon, and 2 Eclipses! It is going to be a very full month of “aha's” and life lessons coming to awareness. With the Sun starting off in watery Cancer, this month is truly about your feelings and emotions, and are you listening to what they are trying to tell you. Your soul speaks to you through your emotions. When you are in alignment and following the signs, you are in your joy and happiness. When you are fighting the current, your are out of alignment and can feel like sadness, depression, and anxiety. 

July 1st brings the motivational planet of Mars entering Leo. Mars represents our drive, desire, and action. Mars in Leo will help us bring our desires to create something of true meaning this month. Passions and desires run high which can give us the energy to get things done and make the necessary changes we want to live a more aligned life.

On July 2nd, we have a Solar Eclipse New Moon in Cancer at 1:16pm MST. An Eclipse in Astrology happens when a New Moon or Full Moon coincides with the position of the Nodes of the Moon. The Nodes of the Moon denote our karmic path in this lifetime. The North Node of the Moon is our karmic destiny, or what our major life lessons are in this lifetime. The South Node of the Moon has to do with our karmic past – the life lessons we have mastered and now gives us the strengths we need to propel ourselves forward in this lifetime. This Solar Eclipse is a New Moon in Cancer that sits with the North Node, and will help us break through some major obstacles we have been experiencing with moving forward with our hopes and dreams.  

This New Moon Solar Eclipse is being supercharged by a few aspects. Along with the Moon in its home sign of Cancer, the South Node (our collective karmic destiny) is sitting with revolutionary Pluto and authoritative Saturn. This is going to bring the breakup of past conditioning that has kept you small. Is what you believe about yourself true? Saturn is at home in Capricorn, asking us to understand the strong structures we have built in our lives up till this point. What has served us well? What needs to be thrown out to make way for the new? Whatever is not on strong ground now will shake and crumble. 

Neptune, the planet of spirituality, spiritual guidance, and compassion, is trine to the North Node, which means it is harmoniously working with our life lessons to help us manage what is being felt during this Eclipse. If you dip into your spiritual practice, and ask for guidance at this time, you will be pleasantly rewarded with nuggets of information to help you on your path. 

This Solar Eclipse will be felt for up to 6 months from now. It will be helping us to create strong foundations for nurturing our life long passions. It is also going to help us set up a strong foundation for our future growth. We may feel insecure or uncertain during this time of change while we declutter the unnecessary thoughts that have kept us stuck. What have you neglected that really needs the most nurturing (Cancer) right now in your life? Is it yourself? Your family? Your passions and aspirations? What is your true purpose (Sun) and are you taking steps towards that? 

Eclipses are meant to shift us on our path of destiny. Some Eclipses will hit our charts more significantly than others. Eclipses follow a predictable path and repeat every 19 years. The last time a Solar Eclipse hit this degree was back in July 1 2000. Think back to what was started at this time in your life and what unfolded and transformed because of this. Perhaps what you learned from this life lesson will come around now to help you with what is coming up to be experienced. 

This Solar Eclipse New Moon will feel like a supercharged New Moon shining a light on something that is beginning in your life . You get to decide what that start looks like! Happy creating! 

July 3rd Venus moves into Cancer to join the party. Venus in Cancer loves to show you their love by caring for your and nurturing you. Venus is what we love and value, and what we take pleasure from. The focus for us know collectively will be to really pay attention to our emotions, and to personalize our interactions by being present. Venus in Cancer loves sentimentality, being reassured, and having a home that feels nurturing, safe, and comfortable. 

July 7th brings Mercury entering retrograde in Leo. This might bring out fiery words that later we regret. We may also feel motivated to say things that give voice to what we did not have the courage to say before. Leo is a fire sign that needs to feel appreciated for its efforts. The key here is to think about what you want to say and how you want it to be heard. Stop, observe, discern and then act. Or you will most certainly regret the words you use, because of the energy of the moment may trigger it in you. (See July 19th entry for more information on this retrograde)

July 9th brings Sun in Cancer opposite Saturn in Capricorn. The world may test you today to see if your structures are sound. You may feel very sensitive to criticism today. This is a great time to use your critical thinking skills to discern what is true and what the motivations of others may be. Remember you are a mirror for others to see themselves. How you see others is a mirror for you to really see yourself. Normal everyday routines may seem demanding now. Be patient. This too shall pass.

July 14th Sun in Cancer is opposite Pluto in Capricorn. What are you holding on to that really is not in your best interest? That will come into stark view today. Take the opportunity to choose a new path without the self-destructive tendency or addiction. There may be changes thrust upon you at this time. It is best not to resist them, but to understand the underlying theme. What are the events happening at this time trying to tell you? This is all meant to bring about positive changes in your life at this time. Can you find the positivity and the gratitude in the situation? It might be tough to find, but I promise you it is in there…..somewhere.

July 16th Full Moon Lunar Eclipse at 24 degrees of Capricorn at 3:38pm MST. A Full Moon Lunar Eclipse will feel like a super charged Full Moon. This Eclipse has the Sun in Cancer across the sky from the Moon in Capricorn.  The Sun in Cancer is speaking to our nurturing, maternal, intuitive side. The Moon in Capricorn is speaking to our feelings of being useful and productive. The Moon speaks to our emotional needs and personal boundaries. You may feel the need to have safety and security in everything you do. You will want to make plans for the future, and make sure your contributions are worthwhile, especially in your house and home, and with your family (Cancer). 

The Sun in this cardinal water sign is all about initiating healing in the family, home, and within themselves. Sun in Cancer people love to nurture those around them, and their family and traditional roots play a large part in how they define themselves. They are emotionally sensitive, and when in fear or lack mentality they can feel overly emotional, over-protective, and even smothering. Cancer Sun people need to have real connections with others, and should develop their intuition as a great tool to understand their own innate gifts and talents for living a great life. 

What is making this Full Moon Eclipse is packing a punch, because Pluto (the planet of revolution and transcendence) and Saturn (the planet of structure, responsibilities, and authority) is assisting the South Node. This represents a breaking down of the old structures of our lives and world to make way for us to build a bigger, better future that meets the needs of our truest selves. A future that can help us to feel connected, at home with ourselves and the people we meet, and to support one another in all that we want to accomplish.   

This Eclipse has the Moon sitting with the South Node of the Moon (karmic past) and the Sun sitting with the North Node (karmic destiny).  What this means the vitality of who we feel we are is evolving and our emotions can show us the way, if we let them.  Our intuition and our ability to nurture what needs the most support in our lives now will help us to transcend the issues and obstacles in our lives, to move forward towards our hopes and dreams with structure, order, and discipline.  

July 19th a retrograde Mercury moves into Cancer. Mercury is the planet that rules our communication, cognition, and coordination. It is how we process information. Mercury in Cancer is communication with emotion, sensitivity, and thoughtful words. In retrograde, it is asking us to take time to really think about the words we are using, because they can be very hurtful if we think without speaking. Mercury will be retrograde to July 31st. When Mercury is retrograde, it is time to reevaluate, re-asses, and revamp. Be careful while driving and traveling. Make sure you are arriving early for any travel planned during a Mercury retrograde, and always have back-ups of your travel documents. Keep beverages away from your computer and try to be mindful of your communication and emails during this time. And please for the love of all that is good and pure – save your work every step of the way if you are working on a long blog post or computer document! Life goes on and sometimes you just can't postpone contract signings, travel, or life events, but you can be prepared! 

July 22nd the Sun moves in Leo. Happy Birthday Leos! Sun in Leo rings in the season of generosity, creativity, and enthusiasm. The Sun is at home in this sign. Leo is a fixed fire sign. Leos are warm-hearted, cheerful, and generally good-natured. They love taking holidays, having nice things, and having a great time with their friends. Leos need to feel appreciated for their efforts.  If you want to anger a Leo, ignore them or make them feel like their contributions are less than appreciated, and then you will feel the wrath of the Leo. They will either tell you what is what, or they will just leave, and you will never again feel the warmth of their Sun. The shadow side of the Leo is that they can be stubborn, lazy, and may be inflexibile with change that they did not initiate. Leo season is best for spending time with friends, letting people know they are appreciated, taking a holiday, wearing bright colours, and just being creative. Enjoy Leo season until August 22nd.  

July 27th Venus moves into Leo. Venus in Leo wants to be adored and feel special. While Venus is in Leo we may feel appreciated by our partners, co-workers, and family. We may also want to show off our best assets and shower the people we appreciate with our praises and affections. Venus is what we love and value, and with Venus in Leo we might be drawn to nice things that are valuable and you may feel the draw to indulge with big spending during this time. Be careful with your money. It is a very romantic time as well if you are in a relationship. A Leo Venus would also like to go out to the theater, and doing fun creative things with friends.

July 31st New Moon at 8 degrees of Leo at 9:12pm MST. A New Moon is when the Sun and the Moon are at the same degree. Leo is a fire fixed sign, and Leo rules the heart. With both the Moon and the Sun here, you may have the need to be appreciated for the work you have done.  You may actually get the accolades you are looking for, but it may also come with criticism. Venus is sitting next to the Moon at this time, which may lend a feeling of really wanting to be noticed.  This New Moon in fiery Leo is asking you to plant seeds of intention for true improvement and accept constructive criticism. Consider feedback as signposts for where you are being redirected to and not as a personal attack.  With 5 planets in fire signs, we may feel impulsive, passionate, and creative. It is best to channel this amount of fire energy into creativity and courage to follow your life's passion. Too much passion can manifest as egotistic nature, so be aware of the energy of your emotions and your motivations.

Adding another dimension to this Leo New Moon, Uranus the planet of individuality, creativity, and innovation is sitting square to the New Moon. The square is a conflict, or a challenge. Uranus can also be rebellious and impulsive. Uranus is sitting in fixed earth sign of Taurus. Uranus here may test you with unexpected changes. This aspect may make you feel like you want to break free or find your own unique self-expression. 

Plant your seeds for the intention to set free your creativity to manifest the best possible outcome for yourself. Be aware of your ego and see what is really being offered to you! Rememebr you get to choose. Stop, observe, discern, and then act. SODA.

Wising you a wonderful July! 

Astrology for June 2019

June arrives with a New Moon in the mutable air sign of Gemini on June 3rd at 4:02am MST. Gemini is all about ideas, sociability, curiosity, and flexibility. Gemini as an air sign is naturally always thinking and coming up with ideas for exchange with others. Their mutability allows them to flow with change and adapt quickly. They are very generally very affectionate and gentle. They  don't like being alone, being confined or tied down, or anything that is repetitive and routine. All signs have a shadow and a light side and Gemini is no different. The shadow side of Gemini is that they can be nervous, inconsistent (because they tend to change their mind if they are not completely sure how they feel), and can be very indecisive. The indecisiveness comes about because they are constantly reevaluating information and refining their thoughts and information they have gathered on a topic. I like to call them the “connectors of the zodiac”, as they like to strike up conversations with everyone, and find out their best qualities. Then they share those qualities with those people who they feel need it the most and connect people together. Geminis love music, books, and short spontaneous trips.

This New Moon is being opposed by Jupiter in Sagittarius and squared by Neptune in Pisces. What does this mean you might ask? There is a lot of mutable energy here, which can lead to an energy of confusion, too much information, or getting lost in the information and not being able to see the situation clearly. Beware of gossip and misinformation. If you feel overwhelmed, get grounded. Put your feet on the earth, take 3 deep breaths – in your nose and out your mouth, and say these words, “it is all going to work out in the end”. Because it is.

This New Moon is asking you to cut out the distractions, and give our fullest attention to the things that really deserve our attention.  Before speaking in a conversation, make sure you are using facts and not taking part in gossip. It is a good time to listen and learn. Your intuition will be pretty strong at this time, so take the time to listen to it.

On June 4th, Mercury the planet of communication moves into the intuitive, nurturing sign of Cancer. During this time of year, communication can take a real personal turn. You will notice that the words people use will elicit an emotional response of come kind. It is a good time to not take things personally, and check in with your own emotional triggers before reacting.

Venus moves into Gemini on June 8th. Relationships will become more lively with great conversation, flirtatiousness, and lightheartedness. Have fun in all your relationships, and schedule more get together and coffee dates with friends, family, and loved ones.

Mars finally goes back into it's usual declination with the Sun on June 12th. Between April 20th and June 12th, Mars has been Out Of Bounds, meaning it was not being kept in check by the Sun. It was creating more quick tempers, irritability. and aggression that usual. If you were experiencing this, you will notice a definite shift after June 12th.

On June 16th is Father's Day. Wishing all the Father's out there a Happy Father's Day! The Moon will be in optimistic Sagittarius all day, but Mercury in Cancer will oppose Saturn in Capricorn. This may lead to emotional words being spoken and paternal structures being questioned. If you want a smooth Father's Day, perhaps avoid topics of conversations that you know will bring up fiery emotional responses. 

On June 17th we will have a Full Moon in Sagittarius at 2:31am MST at 25 degrees. Sagittarius is a mutable fire sign. They are full of boundless passion and motivation to put into an optimistic dream. They are optimistic, always laughing, and generally have a great sense of humour. They are generous, and love to spend their money on other people, fun, and frivolity. They love to travel, and need freedom and the outdoors in their life. The shadow side of Sagittarius is because they have this generous giving heart, they can over-promise, and over commit. They don't seem to have a filter on their mouth, and will say whatever comes to mind or idea that pops into their head. They really need space, so clingy people, being constrained or excessive details make Sagittarians run for the hills. They are very easy-going, caring, and love to help where they can.  

A Full Moon is when the Sun and the Moon are in opposite signs, pulling on two different parts of your psyche and life. With the Full Moon in Sagittarius, the Sun will be in Gemini. This opposition speaks to feeling into your intuition with big pictures goals, dreams, and aspirations, but using your logical mind to take the next tangible steps. Use the vision of your biggest dreams to inform your carefully planned next steps. 

To add more dimension to this Full Moon, the Moon will be sitting with Jupiter. Jupiter rules expansive Sagittarius, giving this Full Moon more fuel to the emotions being stirred up at this time.  Neptune is square to both the Moon and Jupiter together, and to the Sun. Neptune will be making things foggy at this time. If we use our intuition at this time, then we  may be able to hear some very valuable information for what is to come. Neptune can also help us to tune into our own personal truths and soul purpose. But be warned, Neptune in Pisces can also be escapism and tuning out reality because it feels too hard. The truth needs to be seen, leaned into, and looked at for what it is. This Sagittarian Moon is helping us by giving us optimism and hope, to see this in the bigger picture of our soul journey here on Earth.

To use this Full Moon to its fullest potential you will have to find a point to navigate towards. Ask yourself what is your goal in life right now? If you don't have one, create one that is just the next step towards more happiness. You will feel very optimistic at this time, and no matter what things are going to get better with every step you take with your heart in the direction of your dreams. 

 This Full Moon will signal the wrap up of this Eclipse Season, which started in January 5th 2019.  Look back on the last 6 months to see what has been the theme and what has been triggered for you to change or examine further. 

On June 21st, the Sun enters the intuitive, nurturing sign of Cancer, signalling the beginning of Cancer season! Happy Birthdays to all the Cancerians out there! When the Sun crosses over into Cancer, it means that it is Summer Solstice, and the official start of Summer. Summer Solstice it the day with the most daylight in the Western Hemisphere. It also signals that now the days will start to become shorter in light.  

Sun in Cancer is asking us to examine if we are using our energy for things that make us feel good, or are we getting worked up about nothing. It is time to go into our hearts and see if we are using its wisdom to navigate our life. Our emotions are the way our soul speaks to us. When we are in alignment, we are happy, joyful, and enjoying life. When we are going against our soul's compass, we are sad, angry, depressed, and unhappy. Use your emotions to empower and guide you, and not consume you. 

As there are no coincidences, Neptune also goes retrograde on the same day as the Solstice. Neptune is a big player this month. When Neptune goes retrograde, it is a time to re-evaluate what you ideally want. Neptune is a feminine planet that rules transcendence, spirituality, and healing. It typically rules the 12th house of healing, burdens and grief, and that which is hidden. During the time that Neptune is retrograde (June 21st – November 27th), the theme will be how we have dealt with and continue to deal with themes of loss, addiction, illusion, delusion. It is a great time to journal and reflect on what comes through in dreams and meditation.   

On June 26th, Mercury moves into Leo. This is a time for using your words and communication to inspire and captivate your listener(s). It is time to be speak on things you have knowledge and authority on. It is a great time to be persuasive, and express yourself clearly. Speak and write from the heart.

Wishing you a wonderful, fulfilling June! 

Astrology for May 2019

May comes in with a New Moon in loving determine Taurus on May 4th, and a Full Moon in passionate Scorpio on May 18th. With the Sun in Taurus, and 3 planets in retrograde, it is now time to settle in and go inward on what you want to work on within yourself.

The 3 planets in retrograde are Jupiter (luck and expansion), Pluto (revolution, elimination), and Saturn (structure, discipline). These outer planets can have a subtle, but cumulative energy of change and order. Although we may not feel this energy outright right away, we will feel it as a slow down or a delay with forward momentum. It is a time to reflect and go over the  what has been accomplish in the first half of the year and assess what can be done to make that better. Retrogrades are never a bad thing. They are meant for you to slow down and turn inward. If you just want to charge ahead, you will find retrograde periods challenging. That is why I absolutely love retrogrades. It gives you the permission to slow down. Astrology is ultimately a great tool to understand what the energy of the Universe is supporting at the moment. Retrogades should indicate to you a place in your life that you should reflect and what area of your life you should go inward to re-assess, realign, and rejuvenate. Take a look in your Natal chat or consult an Astrologer for more information on what this means for you.

It is a month to check in on our inner self and see if we are happy. And if not, what are we continuing to do that is not bringing us joy and happiness. Under a Taurus Sun, May is a great time to look at health and, your daily routine and what you are eating. It is also a time to look at your finances and if your spending habits are supporting your life goals, of if you are spending to fill a need that isn't being met elsewhere in your life.

The New Moon on May 4th is at 14 degrees of Taurus at 4:46pm MST. Taurus is a fixed earth sign. It looks stability and practicality. It is a determined, sensual sign that is known for its love of nice things and good food. Taurus are reliable, responsible, patient, and can be stubborn when they don't get their way. They love being in the garden or amongst flowers and nature. They tend to love cooking, music, romance, good quality items and products, and tend to work with their hands. Because they are fixed energy, they have a hard time with sudden changes, complications in plans, and can become possessive of their possessions and loved ones, and may have a hard time sharing.

During the time of this New Moon, Mars is Out of Bounds. Simply explained, it means is that it is  outside its normal limits of the Sun's influence. During the time when a planet goes Out of Bounds, its influence is heightened. Mars Out of Bounds can present as extra courage to say or do things that we normally filter out. It can also present as being argumentative, forcefulness, ambition, and possibly aggression. Mars is in Gemini, which can present as being too talkative, gossipy, and saying things that we may later regret. In its positive form , it can be eloquent speaker, charisma and charm, and flirtatiousness. Mars will be Out of Bounds until June 12, 2019, so be aware of your actions and words during this time as it pertains to these possible influences. 

This New Moon will be asking you to look at what needs to change at this time. Change is hard for human beings. We need to be stepped into change slowly and gradually. But the process has to start with one step. What is that one step you can take today to bring change to something intrinsically in your life bring about more happiness and alignment? Do that today! 

Mercury, the planet of our communication, cognition, and coordination enters Taurus on May 6th asking us to slow down and take more care of ourselves. This earth sign needs rest and hydration, so make sure you are honoring your slowed down pace and being kind to yourself.

Sunday May 12th is Mother's Day, and the Moon (which is our maternal side) is making lovely aspects to Venus, Mars, and Uranus. The Moon is in Virgo on Mother's Day helping to heal any old wounds and bring about dialogue for change and acceptance. Just be aware, Mars is still Out of Bounds, so try to choose your words carefully and listen with empathy and compassion.

On May 15th, Mars goes into Cancer. Mars Out of Bounds in Cancer means we are very prone to be overly sensitive to criticism, even if it is constructive. Breathe and really try to listen to what is being said. Ask yourself if it is true, and treat yourself with loving kindness. As Cancer is all about the home and nurturing those you consider family, your energy may divert to domestic affairs of cleaning the house and getting rid of clutter. Venus also goes into Taurus, changing the vibe. Venus loves being in Taurus. It is a cautionary time for eating and drinking. Venus in Taurus loves to enjoy life's pleasures, maybe too much. It is a time to be aware if you get too comfortable in a situation that needs some change. Venus in Taurus will resist change, and can indicate getting stuck in a groove.

On May 18th is a Full Moon in Scorpio at 3:11pm MST.  This Full Moon is a fixed water sign. It is passionate, resourceful, secretive, and intense. Scorpio rules the 8th house of healing and transformation. This Full Moon is opposite the Sun in the sky, which is the definition of a Full Moon. The Sun is still in Taurus, but it is next to Mercury in the sky during this Full Moon. Mercury in Taurus is giving grounded thinking to this time. This is a time to delve deep into your feelings and thoughts and ascertain what is still left unhealed. Shallow relationships will not satisfy you any longer, and they will likely fall away. Deep romantic relationships will be boosted intimately with this Full Moon, and will bring you closer to those who truly love you.

May 21st the Sun moves into Gemini with Mercury – Happy Birthday Geminis! Gemini season brings great conversations, social functions, and new friend ships. Mercury loves to be in Gemini. It is chatty, inspired, and creative in this sign. It is a great time write, speak, and socialize. 

Wishing you a wonderful May!