Helping the spiritually curious woman cultivate a deeper connection with the Universe and her own powerful spirit, so she can align with her intuition and live with joy and alignment every day.

Helping the spiritually curious woman cultivate a deeper connection with the Universe and her own powerful spirit, so she can align with her intuition and live with joy and alignment every day.

January 2021 Woo Woo Box

Divine  feminine Reawakening




Divine Feminine Mala Bracelet

Divine Feminine Bracelet is comprised of 3 different hand-picked stones specifically curated for The Woo Woo Box:

  • Moonstone- Kundalini Stone: This High Priestess stone carries the energy of the full moon at the height of its power, activating kundalini energy and stimulating psychic perception It is the talisman for the inward journey. Moonstone asks us the celebrate the milestones and rites of passage each new cycle brings
  • Jasper – Supreme Nurturer: Opening first your root chakra the frequency of jasper activates and clears all chakras in the energetic body. You can use this stone to activate Sexual and/or creative energy, it will give you physical strength and energy all while keeping you grounded and stable.
  • Rose Quartz- Love Stone: Representing unconditional love and infinite Peace. Opening your heart chakra this stone attracts new love and strengthens existing love. But don’t let the soft pink fool you this very powerful stone carries the loving consciousness of all heart centered spiritual masters, feel bathed in its loving embrace.

This Reiki infused bracelet was created for you with intentions of love health and happiness.

Reiki Infused Rose Water Essence Spray

Divine Rose Water Spray is a magical Rose damascena distilled alcohol free spray that is infused with Reiki healing energy from the owner and Reiki Master Trish Bowie. It will make you feel so beautiful and so magical!

Trish Bowie, of Divine Compassion, offers premium products for your convenience. Our products are made with divine love and energy.

Adore Bath Bomb

Sweet orange, Lavender, and Rose essential oils with Rose Petals and Sage dried herbs. Naturally dyed with beetroot powder.

Sweet orange gives off a joyful and warming vibe, it helps to soothe anxiety. Beetroot is all loving and promotes love in all forms. Rose is the ultimate herb for opening up the heart space and filling the aura with love and self acceptance. Lavender is commonly known as an extreme nurturer and soothing scent. Uncommonly known is the reason why, lavender releases the pressure you feel by expanding your aura, thus releasing your burdens and creating that essential feeling of being free. Sage is the herb for all clearing and cleansing purposes, thus clearing away feelings of any residual pain you feel within your heart space. This opening will create the space for new love and acceptance that will flow in from the other herbals included within this bath mixture.

Smudge Spray

Smudge your room, smudge yourself, smudge and cleanse everything! Sage is an amazing herb that is marvellous for clearing and cleansing stagnant energy. Burning sage or using your smokeless sage will help with practices like cutting cords, grounding, and connecting to your higher self.

This particular Sage Smudge blend, both smokeless and dried herb, has carnation petals to emit the soothing energy of the divine feminine, awakening the goddess within you! 

External spray to spray within the room, not for use as a perfume. The Sage smudge spray contains 100% pure sage essential oil, fancy ass distilled H2O (no joke, this water isn’t just distilled, it’s been boiled and triple extracted), and the herbs themselves so they can emit their beautiful energy! Spray contains vodka for herbal preservation. 

Divine Fem Custom Essential Oils Blend

Ardelle, the owner and Holistic Nutritionist of Aromas and Avocados, has used her essential oils expertise to create this custom blend of do TERRA pure essential oils for the Divine Feminine Reawakening Box. The Divine Fem Essential Oil Blend is comprised of a blend of Jasmine, Marjoram, Cinnamon, Clary Sage, Ginger and Coconut Oil as the carrier. Apply the oil to your lower belly, and pulse points on your wrists and neck to channel healing and your own Divine Feminine power. In aromatherapy:

  • Jasmine oil is touted as a remedy for stress, anxiety, depression, fatigue, and menstrual cramps. It is also said to act as an aphrodisiac.
  • Marjoram oil is known for its calming properties, as it seems to have a soothing affect on the nervous system.
  • Cinnamon diminished feelings of depression, faintness, and exhaustion, to stimulate libido and strengthen immunity.
  • Clary Sage has been used all the back in the Middle Ages and has soothing properties that help rejuvenate and calm.
  • The Ginger's essential oil in this blend has been sourced from Madagascar, and has soothing aroma that calms the nervous system and can be rubbed on the stomach to aid in digestion.

May You Know Joy Affirmation Card Deck

Our new May You Find Joy mini deck includes 42 cards and is certain to be a ray of sunshine in your day! The prompts on each card will inspire you to find the joy that is within you and all around you in each moment. If you want to connect to and cultivate joy, these are the cards for you.

Rose Tea Light Candles

This handmade five-pack of soy-based tealights has been infused with sweet rose fragrance oil that will unfold like freshly picked garden roses. To add the perfect botanical touch, locally grown + dried rose petals are added to each tealight. With proper candle care, each tealight will have a burn time of 5-7 hours.

Burning Instructions: Remove all packaging and place candle on an even and heat resistant surface. Before each burn, ensure to trim wick to 1/4”. To achieve clean burn, allow the candle to completely melt across the top to avoid tunneling. Discontinue burning when wax is 1/4" from bottom of container. 

Materials: 100% Plant-Based Wax, Natural Fibre Wick, High Quality Fragrance Oils, Dried Rose Petals.

Rose Heart Stone

Rose quartz is a member of the largest family of stones, the silica group and is composed of silicon dioxide with traces of titanium. It emits a calming, cooling energy which can work on all of the chakras to gently remove negativity and to reinstate the loving, gentle forces of self-love. The pink colour of rose quartz has been symbolic of love throughout the ages.

The heart has long been used as a symbol to refer to the spiritual, emotional, moral and in the past, the intellectual core of a human being. As the heart was once widely believed to be the seat of the human soul, the word heart continues to be used poetically to refer to the soul and stylized depictions of hearts are used as prevalent symbols representing love.

Dimensions: Approx. 11.25 cm width X 3.75 cm height. 35 mm heart

Journal & Pen

The Boho Bright A5 Spiral Notebook is perfectly practical for everyday use. Its mid-size goes anywhere you need it, and a durable hard cover with spiral binding offers a flat surface for writing. Lightly lined pages leave plenty of room for making lists, daily journaling, project planning and beyond. 240 pages. 6.2” x 8.25”. Exclusive to Indigo. Various covers, the one in the picture is one of 3 that will be randomly packed into the boxes. The one you get will have special meaning for you. Consider it a message from the Universe.

Affirmation Pen
These motivational pens make the most amazing addition to anyone's pencil case! Use them at home, in the office or at school! You will brighten anyone's day with these!

Wellness Tea Blend

Lemon and Echinacea Herbal Tea - Caffeine Free
Looking to Stay Well every day! Authentic Echinacea and crisp lemon with a smooth relaxing herbal end note. All of us know how important it is to put good things in our bodies to help us stay strong.
Ingredients: echinacea, lemongrass, natural lemon flavor, fennel, licorice root, peppermint, sage, plantain leaves, elderflower, marshmallow root, rose hips, thyme, lemon balm

Rose Mint Herbal Tea - Caffeine Free
Looking to live STRESS FREE every day with a relaxing blend of rose & mint.
Ingredients: rose blossoms, chamomile, hibiscus, tulsi leaf, licorice root, passionflower, skullcap, natural rose and raspberry flavors, rose hips, apples, peppermint, elderberries, raspberries

April 2021 Woo Woo Box 

April's Woo Woo Box theme

spring Revitalize 



It is a time to manifest and come back into creating the life of our dreams. This box will help to create abundance and set intentions for the Summer we want to have. The energy of Spring is about growth and abundance and this box helps the Spiritually Curious woman learn how to manifest and create powerful intentions for all that she desires.

Seed of Life Crystal Grid

Your Manifestation Board has been made from Birch wood. Birch symbolizes new beginnings and renewal - probably due to the fact that it is the first tree to grow back after a forest has burned, and the fact that is sheds and regrows its bark - releasing the old to make way for the new New Beginnings - Birth & Rebirth - Healing - Cleansing the past - New Journeys - New Ideas - Opportunity.

Renew Custom Essential Oil Blend

A blend of Orange, Northern Lights Black Spruce, Geranium and Vetiver essential oils, with Coconut Oil as a carrier. Orange oil brings happiness to mind and body, and joy to the heart. It energizes and uplifts, alleviating stress and anxiety.

  • Northern Lights Black Spruce is grounding, and helps release emotional blocks. It opens the pineal gland, strengthening our connection to intuition.
  • Geranium supports emotional balance, and encourages openness to new ideas.
  • Vetiver diminishes feelings of anxiety and stress with it’s grounding, calming properties. It also brings peace and grounding to sexual energies.

Each roller is personally infused with the love and healing energy of Reiki. 

Renewal Crystal Kit

The Woo Woo Box Exclusive Renewal Kit includes:

  • Amazonite- Amazonite is known as the stone of truth and courage because it invites you to step into your natural talents. Use this crystal to focus your time and energy to nurturing projects close to your heart. It's an ideal talisman when starting a new venture.
  • Citrine- Citrine is an optimistic and energizing crystal. A tip from Citrine: have a spring clean, tidy your home, declutter your cupboards and put on some fresh sheets. Do this to send a signal to the universe that there is space for something new to come into your life.
  • Ocean Jasper- Ocean Jasper utilizes water energy. The energy of peace, calmness and purification. Has been known to stimulate circulation and energy flow. Opening those communication channels and increasing self-confidence.
  • Sunstone- Sunstone is energizing and can super charge your vibes. Known to activate your solar plexus and sacral chakra making you feel more confident and social. Sunstone invites abundance into your life, which can come in many forms and unexpected ways.
  • Tree Agate- Tree Agate brings with it a strong connection to nature. It has a peaceful and soothing energy and has been known to help achieve balance and stability. Use tree agate to deepen your meditation and bring spiritual strength.

Sacral Crystal Intention Candle

The passionate Crystal Intention Candles feature a spicy exotic blend of Ylang Ylang and Sandalwood which activates and balances your creativity, passion and joy rooted in your sacral chakra.

100% non-toxic, these soy wax and essential oil candles feature an earth, mind and body friendly way of enjoying the glow and ritual of candles.

Rise of The Phoenix Bath Crystal's

The Phoenix is the ultimate symbol of strength and renewal, rebirthing from the ashes of its own existence only to come back bigger and stronger every time. This is a legendary mix of truth seeking, calming and uplifting essential oils. As well as Epsom salt, Pink Himalayan salt, Organic Fractionated Coconut oil, Dried rose buds, Aluminum free baking soda and SO much Love.

Made in single batches & energetically cleansed.

**CAUTION this product may leave you feeling empowered and uplifted!**

Selenite Wand

Selenite represents spiritual purity, light & connection to the angelic realms. It is known to be one of the most sacred of crystals throughout history. The very name “Selenite” is derived from the Greek Goddess Selene – The Goddess of the Moon.

Selenite has a very fine vibration that brings clarity of mind, opening the Crown Chakra. Selenite is a calming stone that instills deep peace within. Selenite is also a great tool for charging, cleansing & clearing other Gemstones. 

Intention Bracelet

Tie this bracelet on with a basic triple-knot (you can trim the extra string, or wrap it for extra longevity) and wear it until it naturally falls off. When it does, the intention you made has been reached and released back to the universe!

Moon Oracle Deck

Every quote on these cards is original and never copied from any other source, you can guarantee you are receiving a product that is thoughtful, guided, and projected to do the best reading for you possible!

Journal & Pen


The Boho Bright A5 Spiral Notebook is perfectly practical for everyday use. Various covers: the one in the picture is one of 3 that will be randomly packed into the boxes. The one you get will have special meaning for you. Consider it a message from the Universe!

July 2021 Woo Woo Box 


Summer Rejoice



Box of Rocks for Joy

Abundance Box of Rocks – includes Pyrite, Citrine & Green Aventurine crystals. Identify the energetic block you want to release and what energy you want to replace it with. This will allow you to have room for abundance and wealth to come into your life. 

Elevation Wellness is a “witchy wellness” business, specializing in energy balancing & reiki infused wellness products. We are most well known for our crystal infused candles and energy balancing sprays. Located in Innisfail AB, Meggie lives with her two dogs and runs Elevation Wellness full-time. All of our products are created to help you along your healing journey, in whatever stage of that journey you might be in. Use your own intuition and trust that the product and its energy are working for your highest good.

Smudge Candle

Smudge Candle – will absolutely smudge a room, but is meant more for balancing your own energy. Light the candle during a ritual bath, meditation, as part of your yoga practice, or while reading a book. Infused with crystals, reiki energy and 100% pure Sage & Cedarwood Essential Oils.

Aura Spray

Aura Spray – balances the energy and clears the aura. Use as a body spray in the morning and throughout the day to banish any negative or anxious thoughts or feelings. Infused with reiki energy, crystals and 100% pure Lavender, Lemon, Frankincense, Cedarwood & Rosemary Essential Oils.

Bath Salts

With whatever you are going through, this bath soak was created from the heart to support the growth of yours.

Made in Alberta, Little Hitchcock Co. creates botanical self-care products to use in self ceremonies to support emotions, thoughts, purpose and connection to the universe.

Oracle Cards

A 27 card set of beautifully messaged sunset themed Oracle cards.

Every quote on these cards is original and never copied from any other source, you can guarantee you are receiving a product that is thoughtful, guided, and projected to do the best reading for you possible!

Mala Bracelet

Sunstone: a stone of joyfulness, optimism, vitality and strength. Helps to restore sweetness back into your life! Using this stone can clear the chakras and connect you with the regenerative power of the sun.
Orange Aventurine: a stone for manifestation, creativity and good fortune. It enhances the feelings of happiness, joy and confidence. When used in meditation, it can bring you back into the present moment - clearing any thoughts that are weighing you down.

Each bracelet has been infused with reiki and sound healing energy.

Meghan is a reiki master, crystal healer and meditation teacher, who guides women to reconnect with their sacred souls, so they can embrace the potential within themselves.

Shiva Lingam Pendulum

These unusual stones originate in shallow river beds at one of India's seven holy sites. The stone, depicting the masculine (dynamic expression and knowledge) and feminine (wisdom and intuition), is revered by the Hindu faith as an embodiment of Lord Shiva. The stone signifies this dualistic energy of creation.

Nature's Expression is a Canadian wholesale supplier specialized in natural gifts. Our products support the communities they are made in and come from ethical and sustainable sources.

Pendulum Starter Mat

The pendulum starter mat kit is the perfect place to start to learn more information about the use of pendulums. This kit includes instructions, specific stone healing properties, a starter pendulum mat, and a velvet gem bag to keep your pendulum protected.

Essential Oil to Rejoice

This roller was co-crafted with spirit to help attract and celebrate abundance, joy, and radiance in our daily lives. Intentionally apply to wrists, pressure points, and chakras as needed.

Handcrafted with love and Intention By Rachel. Rachel is a Priestess, Mother and lover of life.

Gratitude Journal

This journal offers a simple, yet powerful method to improve your focus and build happiness on a daily basis. By investing just a few minutes in a day, you will be taking small steps to integrate gratitude, focus and happiness towards a fantastic life.

Each Woo Woo Box comes with a roadmap on how to use the products in the box, where they came from, and where you can buy more if you would like directly with the supplier.

Ready for the all the Woo?

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