Manifesting Your Best Life

21 Day Challeng

Discovering Your Soul-led Purpose

21 Day Challenge

The world has been so chaotic lately.

It feels like we are being pulled in so many different directions, that our own needs get pushed to the side, and maybe even forgotten.

You did not come into this life to be a foregone conclusion. You came here to manifest your dream life, and yet that may seem like a far off dream, or maybe you don’t even have a dream anymore.

Manifestation is a real buzz word in the spiritual world, and to be honest I have never resonated with it until I discovered how to bridge the gap between “the real world” and manifesting.

Manifestation is taking the intangible, which is energetic desires, and bringing it into tangible reality. We have to be, in order to do, to have what we want to have. 

You see, manifestation is not just a one time deal, it's not a "think it and it'll happen" process. It is an ongoing process that requires you to focus on how you want to feel and keep recalibrating as life hands you opportunities for growth.

Now that you have chosen to manifest your life on your terms you need to cultivate a manifestation mindset, a mindset and way of living that allows whatever you want in life to be drawn to you!

This is why I created the 21 Day Manifesting Your Best Life Challenge!

Using manifestation concepts and Law of Attraction exercises we can learn how to harness that powerful mind to focus your energy into making the intangible tangible. Grounding your desires into reality.

Manifestation is making your heart’s desires come into reality. Law of Attraction is becoming a magnet to attract that which you want. Together, we make magic happen!

As we go deeper into the rabbit hole, it might shock you to learn that there are actually 12 Universal Laws and the Law of Attraction just happens to be the most popular one because of a little book that came out called “The Secret”. Oprah loved it and well the rest is history!

In this 21 Day Manifesting Your Best Life Challenge you will:

Since we only have 21 days to get you into a manifesting momentum we are going to focus on Manifestation and Law of Attraction exercises.

  • Create a manifestation mindset with this 21 day challenge
  • Get clear about the mindset you need to manifest your life on your terms
  • Follow through with the daily manifestation exercises and develop your mindset
  • Practice all the manifestation stages
  • Weekly handouts for you to print and work through
  • Weekly detailed short videos on the exercise for the day
  •  Dedicated Facebook group to amp up the energy and help you gain momentum
  • A new perspective on old thought patterns 

I would like to invite you to come in and join me on this 21 day journey into Manifesting Your Best Life.

It doesn't matter where you are in life or what your current circumstances are. Your mindset can manifest your dreams. The real question is are you willing to try with an open heart and a curious mind?

With each day that passes you follow through with the relevant video tutorial and complete the exercises gaining momentum towards your manifestation goal.

By the end you will know exactly what it takes to have a manifestation mindset and create the life of your dreams - a life on your terms!

What do you want from life? What do you really want from life? You can imagine it now...... maybe it's a lifestyle, better health, a career or your own business. Maybe it's your dream relationship or a specific amount of money in the bank, whatever it is you can create it, manifest it with the right mindset and by being who you need to be, embodying the feeling you want to attract, taking inspired action, and then having what you want.

"Manifesting is not about attracting what you want. Manifesting is an awareness and an understanding that you attract what you are."

Dr Wayne Dyer

Are you ready to take on this challenge?

You cannot create something new from the place of the old and known. That is exactly what your brilliant mind does. You may have been creating from a past known self, unknowingly keeping you in a loop of reliving old patterns, and never truly getting what you want. Or maybe you get close but fall short.

Sometimes the Universe is moving obstacles out of your way for better things to come. Sometimes you are not a match to your desire just yet and you have to go on a healing journey to expand capacity and release what is no longer serving you. And sometimes you just have to wait for the right time. The Universe is always right timing you. The key is to flow with the energy and not push against it. Do you know the difference between the two? This challenge will help you stay in flow and give you the tools to get back into flow state when inevitably you fall out of that state of manifestation.


This challenge has ended

If you are interested in harnessing the power of manifestation, please check out my M.I.A. Academy.