The Wisdom Circle 


Are you a Highly-Sensitive Person or an Empath? 

Do you feel the energy of others and want to know more about how to harness this ability?

Want to know more about your own zodiac sign, moon cycles, and Astrology? 

I wanted to create a safe place for you to learn and grow while uncovering your own gifts and talents.

Welcome to the Wisdom Circle!

I combine my vast knowledge of Astrology, Intuition, and Coaching, to share with you tools and resources to live a more aligned life.

There will be contests

There will be live readings

And there will most definitely be break-throughs 

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The Wisdom Circle Community is an exclusive VIP community to learn about your own inherent gifts, talents, and life passions.

Learn and grow in a community of like-minded individuals, in safe and nurturing environment.

This exclusive community gives you priority access to my vast knowledge and wisdom, which I have learned and developed over the years. 

This amazing community gives you a chance to connect with like-minds, learn as you go, get ongoing guidance, at a price that you can afford.

You will get to know me better and experience many “a-ha” moments and revelations for a more aligned life. I am so excited to see you in the Wisdom Circle soon! 


  • In depth information for the New Moon and Full Moon
  • Full Moon and New Moon affirmations for your sun sign
  • Monthly themes embracing the energy of the month and the Astrology
  • Weekly Astrology forecasts to help you navigate the week-ahead
  • LIVE monthly card readings
  • Your own private Facebook page
  • Special content and readings not available on any of my other pages or sites
  • Monthly contests and giveaways for members only and includes draws for free tickets to my workshops, readings, and events
  • Surprise gifts may show up in your mailbox from time to time


(may include but are not limited to):

  • knowing things, before they happen
  • being calmer and living a more peaceful life
  • sleeping better
  • being more positive
  • feeling supported and unconditionally loved
  • making new friends you can confide in without judgment
  • being fully accepted for who you really are, and where you are at
  • using the magnetic power of the Universe to live an abundant life
  • understanding the people around you to protect your time and energy
  • using the cycles of the Universe to get the best outcome possible in your life
  • becoming so powerfully self-aware you can direct your thoughts for amazing results
  • becoming a manifesting maven
  • being grateful even in the face of adversity (that is an awesome super power)
  • less stressed and smiling more


If you already know the Wisdom Circle is absolutely for you and you have been looking for something supportive like this for awhile, being the Intuitive Goddess that you are, I have a smokin' hot deal for you!

Pay for the whole year up front ($444) and I will add in these amazing bonuses just for you:

  • Free Numerology report based on your full current name and birth date ($47 value)
  • 3-4 page personalized Moon Cycle Report for your birth date ($47 value)
  • A journal hand-picked intuitively for you ($30)
  • A hand-picked crystal based on your astrological Sun sign infused Reiki healing energy ($30)
  • A Mala Bracelet infused with a blessing for happiness, health, and prosperity ($45)
  • Your annual rate will never change even when prices go up! (Priceless)

This is over $200 in bonuses which gives you support for literally every day of the year!

You are already getting 45% of your investment back in gifts and bonuses!


Membership intake for the Wisdom Circle is only open twice a year, so act now! 

My Coaching, Tarot, Psychic Mediumship, and Astrology all rolled into this group to give you everything I have, to support you in every way I can.

I will teach you intuitive strategies for real life, for less stress, for more joy and laughter, and a knowing to help you see the bigger picture when struggle and overwhelm hit.

I love helping people to really use their intuition and understand all the wonderful tools and resources available to them.

Life is happening for you, not to you, and I can show you how.

If your gut is saying The Wisdom Circle sounds amazing, then click the button below.

Give yourself the gift of growth and happiness.

Sign up - I promise this positive and supportive community will stay with you and change your life forever.


"Thank you sooooo much for this very thorough message. I know it is time to shed my south node’s attempt to keep me safe. Thank you for that nudge. Much appreciation for you!"  -Erin T

"I’m so excited and still happy to report that I am able to keep “the noise” in my life to a minimum and it has made such a difference for me!"  -Mena M

"Thank you for the amazing reading. You are so talented."  -Leanne C

"It was everything I needed it to be! Much love to you my friend and to the beautiful soul tribe that came together!"  -Katie B

"Sheetal did my astrological charts and the time she put into it and the information I received was astounding. Sheetal’s passion and knowledge for astrology was obvious as she took her time to explain what my charts meant for my life. I highly recommend getting a consultation done by Sheetal. Loved it."  -Donna B

"Thank you so much Sheetal! You are so right in everything you said."  -Terri S